Don’t Let the Deep State Divide Us

Today we like to rail against the fake conservatives that are funded and directed by the contributor class and that cheerlead their contributors’ agenda.

But what about our liberal friends? There’s the notion, from Jeff Reynolds, that the lefty billionaires have been pushing impeachment all along. As in:

Leftist activists, the Democratic National Committee, their billionaire benefactors, and representatives of some of the world’s largest charitable foundations came together in the days following Donald Trump’s election. At a meeting deliberately planned for Inauguration Day 2017, they finalized the resistance.

They called the resulting report The Plan To Kick Donald Trump’s Ass.

Know what? I think that was a stupid idea then, and it’s still a stupid idea now. But hey, if the billionaires like Tom Steyer and Beelzebub himself, George Soros, want to shovel money at the activist class, why not? Most humans are perfectly happy to spend other peoples’ money.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy, and get paranoid about “dark money” and Lawfare and the minions of the “deep state” in conference assembled to congratulate themselves on a “higher call” beyond the boredom of doing their jobs in the intelligence community without spying on the opposition.

But what if Tom Steyer is just a guy that made a mint financing coal plants in the Third World that has now got a bee in his bonnet about saving the planet, because polar bears? What if George Soros, speculator extraordinaire, is still the kid that absorbed the conventional wisdom of 1948 that we must never let the nationalist dogs out of the kennel again, because jackboots?

And what about those deep staters in the “intelligence community?” Could it be that they just don’t have the cojones to conspire in a real coup? But are willing to give it a little nudge that they hope will not jeopardize their pensions?

But is that all there is in today’s ruling class?

Here’s who Nietzsche in The Will to Power on what it takes to win the battles of this world:

Who will prove to be the strongest in the course of this? The most moderate; those who do not require any extreme articles of faith; those who not only concede, but love a fair amount of accidents and nonsense… human beings who are sure of their power and represent the attained strength of humanity with conscious pride.

Can you spell T-R-U-M-P?

See, I think the left is played out. Lefty street activists? They are play-acting at Revolution, Baby, the spoiled children of the ruling class. Entitlement politics? Played out, because the broad middle class has its entitlements and is not going to allow “their” money to be spent gigantic new programs. Medicare for All? It would merely give the educated bureaucratic class jobs-for-life administrating a nightmare. Green New Deal? It would give the educated activist class jobs-for-life conjuring up new follies to replace the follies of wind and solar and plastic straw bans. Deep state intelligence professionals? Play-acting at spying, jockeying for Deputy Acting Assistant Director jobs, but not willing to get their hands dirty.

See what I am saying? These people are merely actors, strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage. But they do not have a clue what they are doing. They are just reciting the lines taught them by their teachers and professors. And what they have been taught is a lie.

This came through for me reading lefty Georg Lukács and his History and Class Consciousness. As a good Marxist in 1920 he thinks that bourgeois and proletarian are necessarily engaged in a class war to the death. Really? The truth is that capitalists and workers need each other. The capitalists need workers to make their products and services, and the workers need the capitalists to provide them jobs.

They do not need the third class, the educated class, that is so eager for you and him, capitalist and worker, to fight. For them it’s all about Divide and Conquer. If you are the rich kid of a wealthy father like Georg Lukács then what could be more fun than teaching the bourgeoisie to hate the workers and the workers to hate the bourgeoisie? How else could a dull woke-ard like Eric Ciaramella -- he of the wokey beard -- get his jollies?

Hey! I have a better idea! We dull bourgeois and deplorable workers get together and sic it to the educated “woke” class! Because the two great opposed classes of the modern age are not bourgeois and proletarian, but productive citizens vs. the educated ruling class. And the interests of ordinary productive citizens and the wokey, bearded Pajama Boys could not be more opposed. Thus is Trump doing a Herculean labor by cleaning out the Augean Stables of the ruling class and making the world safe for people like us.

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