Democrats Trying to Impeach Trump Would Make Terrible Hedge Fund Managers

The bell-shaped Normal Distribution Curve was developed by mathematicians in the early 1800s and is used today by hedge fund managers to help guide them in allocating funds among various investment opportunities.  Hedge fund managers are typically paid 20% of any gains they produce over and above an agreed upon rate of return, so they are incentivized to choose investments on the very far edges of the bell-shaped curve, where the high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities tend to cluster. Successful hedge fund managers understand the danger in holding on to a failing investment.  They use a self-correcting feedback system, which clearly identifies losing investments in a timely manner, so they can be sold before the damage gets to be severe.  The discipline to employ and continually refine a world-class feedback system is crucial for having a long and successful career.  If a manager has two or three bad years in a row, many of his...(Read Full Article)
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