Could 'Move to Amend' Destroy Corporate Independence?

The New York Times is annoyed that FedEx paid no income taxes in 2018.  Leftists have always despised corporations:  Greedy, evil enterprises that exploit their workers, swindle their customers, pollute the environment, abuse their power, and much worse, all in the pursuit of unjust, obscene profits. But put aside for a moment the distortions in the Times article, and the fact that the Times itself paid no income taxes in 2017.  The writers omit an important and critically relevant dimension of the story:  A longstanding progressive movement to strip corporations completely of all rights. "Move to Amend" is a proposed constitutional amendment that would do just that.  Ultimately it would enable material government control of every U.S. corporation -- and establish the basis for constitutionally-protected socialism in this country. The relevant provisions of the proposed amendment, documented at, are these: [Section...(Read Full Article)
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