A Tale of Two Inaugurations

Bookending the anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian nightmare of President Obama’s two terms in office, we attended  the second inauguration celebration of President George W. Bush,  and the first of President Donald J Trump.  Their stark differences highlight and reflect the social and cultural deteriorations of our society under the eight agonizing years of Obama’s “transformative” presidency.  In retrospect, what we experienced proved the resistance was planned well in advance, and launched on President Trump’s Inauguration Day, not on the day after.   

The entire debate regarding total attendance at President  Trump’s inauguration came up again when Carlson Tucker opined on Trump’s predilection for bragging, and the nagging question of total inauguration attendance numbers at Trump’s  inauguration.  In fact, there was such a negative factor in force that day that attendance numbers are impossible to accurately count.  Antifa thugs were out in droves, causing mayhem and major disruptions that prevented untold  thousands from actually gaining access to not only the inauguration area but into arteries near it as well. 

I can attest to the bedlam, because I was there.

Attending President George W Bush’s second inauguration was a dream.   It was a cold but sunny day.  Access to the VIP sections of the inauguration viewing areas was seamless.  In fact, exhortations to arrive early were needless as the crowds were orderly, multiple access points moved swiftly, and the attendees were buoyant and friendly. 

After the inauguration and a brief stop for warmth and lunch, we scurried to the VIP entrance for the Presidential  parade. Again, access was unimpeded with only one security check to pass through. Seated in the special bleachers,  we were feet from  prominent Hollywood stars and religious leaders, overlooking a narrow strip where mere yards below the parade would begin.  Raucous cheering greeted President Bush  and Vice President Cheney. 

That night we moved amongst the numerous inauguration balls, with  a highlight being the Black Tie and Boots Ball, hosted by the Texan contingent.  The mood throughout Washington was inclusive, upbeat and celebratory.  Transportation was uncomplicated and traversing throughout the streets of D.C. was effortless. 

Armed with these benign memories we similarly  planned our attendance at President Trump’s inauguration.  Big mistake. 

Judging from past experience, we didn’t head out hours early.  And we traveled into a nightmare.  The driver was prevented from driving as close to the inauguration location as at the Bush inauguration. Long blocks loomed in front of us. However, our tickets gave us “fast pass” entry which meant not having to stand in long lines to go through security.  However, it turned out not to help. 

Each time we neared an access location to go through security, the police shut it down -- seemingly in arbitrary fashion. Their explanation for the closures were always the same: anti-Trump agitators were filling the lines, rendering crowd control impossible.   Why didn’t they pull them out of line and haul them to jail, we inquired? To which we received shrugs, but no response. 

In the next hour we made a frantic half jog down crowded D.C. streets, past stalled busses filled with celebrants unable to disembark.  Multiple times we reached a different access point only to be told it had closed.  Police had also blocked access to multiple viewing grassed areas for unknown reasons, making detours impossibly longer than necessary. 

It clearly appeared the police were deliberately worsening the situation. 

We finally accessed the outer edges of the inauguration VIP section, but were too late to access our seats.  We stood under a tree at the edges of the area, grateful to listen to President Trump’s words. 

If there was a Presidential Parade, we didn’t attend it.  Just returning to our hotel was the same nightmare of blockaded streets and aggressive mobs.  Unbeknownst to us, the worst was yet to come. 

Thinking attending just the main Inaugural ball would be the wisest choice, we were taken by special transportation to the closest drop-off spot possible.   But we still had to wait to go through security.  Shockingly, as we were standing in line, a group of men and women started physically assaulting us, stating, “How would you like it if someone grabbed your p***y?”Furious, I retorted in an unladylike manner. 

The rest of the night was wonderful and, thankfully, when we left the miscreants were gone.  Most likely getting ready for the hate-filled spectacle that unfolded later that day -- after the inauguration.  A vengeful, illogical hatred that rages still. 

Lynne Lechter is an elected member of the Pennsylvania State Republican Party and a practicing attorney in Philadelphia. 

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