Why President Trump Is Likely to Win the Rust Belt in 2020

I spent an evening this week driving through a series of small towns in Michigan and Ohio while visiting my daughter at Hillsdale College in rural Michigan. While having dinner, what appeared to be a drug-addled gentleman walked by our table, and my daughter whispered to me that these towns are struggling badly with opioid addiction. This is not surprising.  While the towns have plenty of charm, all of them are struggling economically due to the absence of industry.  Driving through gutted out main streets, it is easy to imagine how these towns bustled in years past.  It is hard not to be left with a sense of anger and sorrow. Even as Democrats failed Americans living in the inner-city areas, politicians from both parties failed the people in these rural towns, viewing them as collateral damage in their globalization crusade. Candidate and then president Donald Trump spoke to the problem ravaging small towns across America, particularly in the...(Read Full Article)
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