What can the average American citizen learn from the protests in Hong Kong?

Our American identity is based on a shared set of common beliefs including valuing liberty, a love of freedom, equality, and a government supportive of the well-being of ordinary people.  The great American experiment is based on the idea that "all men are created equal" and that the state derives its powers from the people rather than a ruling aristocracy or elite.  The Founding Fathers at the Constitutional Convention formulated a system of government based on the principles of checks and balances.  They fully understood the destructive nature of a tyranny and how it could develop or be avoided.  Established was a Republican form of government based on the idea that elected representatives would have a primary duty to represent the political interests of their constituents. The potential for an increasing concentration of power and the establishment of authoritarian elements and institutions in the country has always been on the...(Read Full Article)
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