The Developing Dystopia of Dumbed-down America

A song called “Lost My Marbles” by Pixie Lower & Friends (British, I believe, current around 1987), was a hint of the condition of the mainstream, approaching the turn of the century. It was a cute number with the line “Too much confusion in my brain” and begged out from making sense out of anything. A propos of that sentiment, a young man at that time told me that he didn’t like to think. Of the shocks I’ve had in life, this new one flew off the chart. Was choosing to think now something like choosing a flavor of ice cream?

It set me thinking. A scenario of the future spun in my head . . .

The 21st Century will make confusion a thing of the past. Hey, what are think tanks and the Internet for? Why sweat it when all the ideas and opinions you need are ready-made and delivered to your TV, computer, tablet or phone “for about a dollar a day” (a refrain in commercials, years ago)?

“Thinking syndrome” (TS) is what this disorder would be called, a vestigial malfunction of the brain still prevalent in some lines of evolution. While there are mitigating drugs for TS, none overcomes entirely an inherent resistance of the thinking tendency to act up in some individuals, causing confusion, indecision, bad decision, and sometimes violence, and worse, crime. But that will change when a non-invasive procedure permanently alters certain synaptic centers of the brain with a tiny implanted interactive chip that will cause rogue paths of thought to cancel out and be redirected to specified centers of cognition and confidence.

The TS correction initiative would follow studies funded by already established humanitarian organizations and funneled to a “virtue agency” – call it Center for Optimizing Perception (COP) – referring to perception as a function of what people say “yes” to and what they say “no” to. Software using cutting-edge technology would be used and made the property of the state. A “dooms day” deadline for completion would be set.

The implanted chip(s) would make the brain follow politically correct patterns of yes-no, the system would be monitored and administered by COP. The implant procedure would be covered by mandated medical insurance. Those already politically realigned would be pressed to undergo the TS-CHIP (Thinking Syndrome and Chip Implant) procedure as well in order to guard against regression. This would all be preparation for the New Golden Age (NGA). Required legislation and funding would start flowing after the defeat of Terror.

By the third decade of the 21st Century, freedom from TS would be required for all the best jobs, up to and including the presidency. It would by then be mandatory for everyone to be TS-CHIPed, as millennial goals became demonstrable realities, such as an end to violence and crime.

It will not be thought (always messy) and knowledge (never complete) driving the New Golden Age but programmed feeling and action. By 2060, perhaps sooner, the jumble of interlocking fallacies, previously known as knowledge, creating confusion and indecision in most crania, will have been eliminated and the New Golden Age would make 20th Century futurist projections seem like pre-school doodling.

The question of “who will be in control” would answer itself since with everyone TS-CHIPed, order would be automatic – which also answers the question of what happens to “individuality” and the role of “differences” in society, for what doesn’t exist can’t be missed.

The foregoing scenario played in my head sixteen years ago as fiction, spun out of visible trends creeping into America since about 1970. Missing from the plot was the need for someone or some thing to be and remain in control – a project for “Artificial Intelligence”?

It was not difficult to see the connection between the dumbing down in public schools in the previous century and the growing cultural dissonance in the mainstream as youngsters came of age. I stopped wondering long ago about the hand in this of starry-eyed futurists, Marx-infected political activists, and opportunists happy with lumping technology and culture together and calling it “progress.” I and many others had been raising red flags, hoping that Americans regardless of I.Q. would not fall for the nonsense of undefined “change” pushed by “progressives” touting science as authority for their fraudulent mission to “transform America.”

But technology morphed into technocracy and the monster created by technocratic elites has gotten up and started to walk. Pardon the allusion to Frankenstein and mad-scientist literature but, honestly, if many more leaders with good sense had mustered the courage to stand up to these morally numb, anti-human, anti-America activists and helped mount an aggressive counter-campaign, would the march toward an Orwellian dystopia have been allowed to advance and gain momentum? I don’t think so

Unresolved what-ifs and lost opportunities are now beside the point. Thankfully we have a national executive with the guts to redirect the spirit, energies and resources of Americans toward a saner, more productive life for all of us.

My respect for technologists who work to enrich the quality of life for everyone is without bounds. (I was in their ranks at one time). But I must leave to the politically short-sighted among them, particularly those involved in “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), some questions they may have ignored or wandered from:

Assuming the possibility, how can the radical alteration of a human being by another human being result in a net benefit to any human being? The assumption that there is some superiority (elitism?) or greater intelligence in the one altering the one being altered is negated by the fact that men and women of high social rank and I.Q. have generated misery and death for many, and garnered well-deserved contempt. Bungling and accidents aside, there is good reason to suspect a lack of wisdom or a streak of evil in such faux leaders.

What good is any intelligence, real or artificial, that reduces the intrinsic value of human beings and considers only their utility? Is there an “artificial wisdom” that can replace real wisdom?

In spite of the signs in our “post-truth era” of faux caring, faux humanitarianism, and false alarms that point to a severe lack of interest in being real human beings anymore – as though people have been drugged and made ready to submit like zombies to the commands of a hidden master –  there is reason to be hopeful. We need to be grateful for even the confused among us who maintain a good measure of humanity in their hearts and a modicum of wisdom in their brains.

And thanks to the truthful words and courageous actions of countless fearless souls, truth is beginning to have an invigorating upswing. It is plainer to more people than ever before that traitors of America, of what is human, and what is just can only succeed in their mission of destruction if and when they seize control of our government and turn our country over to the New World Order they still think people should live in, as Homo sapiens morphs to Homo machina

Our children, grand-kids, great-grand-kids, and children of dysfunctional families or no family must be allowed to be the wonderful human beings they really are, grow up free of ideological chains, and live creative, productive lives, not be treated as parts of a state-owned machine. Technology that really  benefits people is welcome. Technology used to control people, regardless of motive, is manifest evil.

Graphic by Pixabay

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and lifelong defender of Western culture.

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