Social and Political Disintegration Is Accelerating

The leftward propulsion of American socio-political-economic life during the New Deal and in the 1960s has, this writer would propose, converged with collapsing family values during the past sixty years.  Contempt for the family is part of the communist program going back to 1848.  The voices of hateful anti-America protest continue to promote communism as the answer to our society's issues.  America is now in disintegration mode despite President Donald Trump's desire to reinstate some respect for our institutions after decades of neglect. 

How did we arrive at this point of social and political disintegration? 

The voices of socialist potentiality began to move with greater confidence during the New Deal, but they had not wrested total control over the Democratic Party.

After the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, expansion of the federal government's economic and political authority accelerated.  The constitutional "balancing" — which was really an imbalance in favor of the states — began to erode as the cash flow to the federal government through government borrowing (deficit spending) increased.  Decisions that were outright against the liberty established at the founding of our country were justified as needed to take us out of the Great Depression.  FDR set up what came to be called the alphabet agencies.  Among the laws passed were the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act.  These laws vastly expanded federal control over industry and agriculture, the two biggest sectors of our economy.  Both laws would be declared unconstitutional, but the mindset that gave rise to those legislative acts accelerated. 

All these new agencies and new prerogatives for the federal government, representing a major shift toward socialism, were put into effect by FDR on the grounds that they were needed to take us out of the Great Depression.  Yet, just as the Federal Reserve did not prevent us from getting into the Depression, the New Deal draconian measures of expanded federal power reduced unemployment only from 23.6% in 1932 to 19% by 1938, and 17.2% in 1939, which was still unacceptably high.  Thus, the quasi-socialist programs did not deliver on recovery. 

In 1948, the Democrats, although they had already moved strongly to the left in the New Deal, rejected the more pro-communist goals of Henry Wallace, who broke with the Democrats and started the Progressive Party, while the Democrats nominated Harry S. Truman, who won the election.

But only a few years later, the communists became galvanized under the banner of the anti–Vietnam War movement.  They took the side of the communist Vietnamese and the USSR.  The American Left sought to portray the war as a manipulation by corporate interests and by power-mad authorities in both our political parties to stand against a unified Vietnam.  The war protesters told us that our irrational fear of communism was because we did not want to see a unified Vietnamese people happy in their togetherness and unity under their national hero, Ho Chi Minh. 

The antiwar movement galvanized the Left.  Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the even more violent Weathermen were organizations determined to challenge the war and the government waging that war in the streets.  They in turn joined hands with the violent, left-wing Black Power wing of the civil rights movement in the late 1960s, not with the M.L. King branch under the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) banner.  Instead of kneeling, black athletes were holding their fists in the air in emulation of Huey Newton, who headed the Black Panthers; Eldridge Cleaver (also a Black Panther); and Stokely Carmichael, who headed up the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC).  Black rights were presented in a context of hatred for whites and insistence that constitutional guarantees of freedom were not flexible enough for the black community to grow in freedom and equality. 

At the same time as communism and a leftist worldview were becoming rooted in U.S. society, a serious breakdown in the family life of the country was taking place.  In 1960, 5% of the nation's children were born out of wedlock, but in the last few years, the percentage is hovering around 40%.  Sexual immorality is further intensified by promotion of sexual activity in our public schools.  Free condoms are regularly distributed in our educational institutions.  Some states have clinics where, after a ten-minute interview, young girls are given referrals to get an abortion (no parental or caregiver consent, for example, is needed in New York State as well as other states).  In many states, at least one parent must be informed, but consent is not required.

Little children are sitting on the laps of drag queens in library "readings," and some of those drag queens have records of pedophilia.  Homosexual "marriage" is now the law of the land.  Trashy exhibitionists are singing on and throughout the media.  A million babies are aborted a year, not for "women's health" in 90+% of the cases, but because of women's priorities. 

These changes in our sexual mores have led to the disintegration of the family.  The strength of the family depends upon a belief in the unity of sex, love, and marriage.  However, for growing millions of persons, these three are now independent variables.  Even twenty years ago, I was thumbing through a sex education textbook, and the high school readers were told that there are still "some people" who believe they should not have sex until they are married.  The textbook told the reader to tolerate people like this, suggesting that they are misguided but should not for that reason be rejected. How tolerant of the authors!

This collapse in family values and sexual mores leads to a decline in stability.  A man or woman looking for stability and love is easily tempted into believing that Big Daddy and/or Big Mommy government will provide that stability.  But a sense of worth and of a future that can be grasped comes from family, and no social program can reproduce that family experience.  Yet the liars of communism are there to state otherwise.

Trump — the embodiment of capitalism — has become the personification of all the Left hates.  The politics of impeachment is powered by inhuman forces of rage, deception, and immorality.  Those spitting in the faces of those with MAGA red hats have contempt for the Golden Rule as well as for the simple laws that stand against assault of one citizen by another.  The bullies and street punks of the sixties are still with us as bullies and lawless anti-Americans, and they are attracting desperate sex-obsessed partisans who are the products of declining family values.

Where are the Democratic leaders who appeal for calm from those who oppose Trump or Republican policies?  Rather, the Democrat leaders have shifted into full statist mode with a large dose of anarchism as well.  They oppose ICE and support lawless behavior such as the disgusting disrespect of the Senate during the Kavanaugh hearings.  They advocate health care for all even though 180 million Americans would lose their present health care.  This is nothing short of totalitarian communism.

As the momentum increases, and the leftist screams and riots start to reach a new level of intensity, we who are on the side of right, law, and family — who are stable citizens of an unstable society — must remain resolute.

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