Many American Jews Need to Atone for Their Sins against Donald Trump

America has seen many presidents who have been good to Israel and the Jewish people.  None has been better than Donald Trump.  Beyond doubt, he has done unmatched and extraordinary things for Israel and has publicly spoken against anti-Semitism in the United Nations and repeatedly during his State of the Union addresses.  The whole world has seen the priority Mr. Trump bestows on Israel and safety for Jews.  Additionally, he and his father were tremendous friends and benefactors to Jews and Israel, much prior to his entering politics.  Yet the establishment Jewish organizations and temples have too often falsely maligned him, and liberal American Jewry (about 70% of American Jewry) have been his most vocal critics.  Actually, they are in the forefront against him, as often seen on television, in articles, and in speeches from non-orthodox rabbis on the pulpit.  Even among regular liberal Jews, the railing against Mr. Trump is incessant, hysterical, mean, and full of hate.  All of this constitutes gross, unprecedented ingratitude.  Jewish Tradition frowns on ingratitude, indeed calls it a sin.

Many in the secular Jewish community do not consider their attitude ungrateful inasmuch as support for Israel is no longer important to them, and they seem undaunted when anti-Semitism comes from the political Left (their home), or from social justice warriors and certain "minorities."  What they consider good for Jews most often has nothing to do with Jewish need at all, but rather a universalist agenda at odds with Jewish survival.  In their zeal to destroy and remove Mr. Trump from the presidency, they have gone beyond ingratitude to downright lying about him, scheming against him, and throwing normal fairness and decency out the window.

Yom Kippur, the annual Day of Atonement, falls this week.  One of the most prominent prayers is "for the sins we have committed," a list of grievous sins that may apply to the penitent, thereby requiring atonement.  Thus, now may be the best and most appropriate time to review the sins many within the Jewish community continue to wage against President Trump.  Perhaps they should begin some reflection and introspection regarding their three years of ferocious attacks and lies against a man who loves Israel and America and longs for Jewish individuals and children to be safe from terrorism.  No doubt, there are as well other sins against innocent people that should be pondered, including sins even against Israel and Jewish peoplehood.

* * *

Adam Schiff: For the sin of bearing false witness, excessive lying, deceit, and tale-bearing against President Trump.

Chuck Schumer: For the sin of raging ambition, forked tongue, and "standing idly by while the blood of your brothers" is spilt in Brooklyn and while Israel remains threatened by an Obama Iran deal you refused to fight against.

Jerrold Nadler: For the sin of revenge, deceit, and falsehood against President Trump.

Eliot Engel: For the sin of allowing an enemy of your people, Ilhan Omar, to remain seated and powerful on your House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Richard Blumenthal: For the sin of sky-high arrogance, bullying, and using the law for injustice, and the sin of seeking to defame and destroy Brett Kavanaugh, an innocent man.

Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the ADL: For the sin of defamation, and deliberately and repeatedly lying about President Trump, strongly implying to the world the canard that Mr. Trump is an anti-Semite, encourages anti-Semitism, and is sympathetic to Nazis.  In other words, the sin of maliciousness.  For the sin of ignoring the real anti-Semitism against the Jewish people coming from Mr. Greenblatt's allies on the political Left.  It is the sin of being derelict in your duty to the Jewish people and the sin of leading people astray.

Dianne Feinstein: For the sin of deceit and lying in trying to destroy Justice Kavanaugh, and the sin of trying to publicly humiliate Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Nita Lowey: For the sin of remaining silent while Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez malign Israel and the Jewish people.

Jan Schakowsky, John Yarmuth, and Steve Cohen: For the sin of publicly humiliating the prime minister of Israel and spreading falsehoods about Mr. Trump, Republicans, and Evangelical Christians.

Bernie Sanders: For the sin of trying to impoverish and take away liberty from the American people in behalf of an imposed socialism/communism.  And the sin of constant anger and economic hypocrisy.  For the sin of being the first candidate for president to formally demonize Israel, hold high the banner of those wishing to destroy Israeli Jews, and make "kosher" anti-Israel bias.  After all, it must be okay if a Jew like Bernie makes it part of his platform.  For the sin of distorting history.

Steve Cohen, again: For the sin, as well as those above, of soiling the image of Jewish people by eating fried chicken like a slovenly pig in front of the House of Representatives and the country.

America's Reform rabbis: For the sin of making the criticism of Israel your #1 priority and elevating Islamic terrorists and their narrative against Israel.  The sin of misportraying Judaism as Marxism and hedonism.  The sin of hating Donald Trump in your hearts and on your sleeves.  For the sin of falsehoods and maliciousness by making statements accusing President Trump of anti-Semitism and pro-Nazi sympathies.  It's a lie.  For your sin of leading American Jews away from our historic and biblical beliefs and pushing radical socialism and cultural Marxism.  For the sin of looking down on America and its people, and the sin of demonizing America and most of its people as racists, mean-spirited, and anti-Semitic.  For the sin of arrogance and self-worship.

Bill Kristol and Max Boot: For the sin of vanity, excessive vanity, and hating a man in your hearts.  For the sin of selfishness, immaturity, revenge, and inability to rise above your own self-interest.  The sin of renouncing what your formerly believed if you are no longer the official spokesmen appointed to say it.  The sin of affiliating with destructive allies that but yesterday you would have denounced.

David Frum: Not very frum.

Peter Beinart: For the sin of self-hate, distortion of Judaism, and using Judaism simply as a tool to achieve your leftist, universalist agenda.  The sin of bringing down Israel...all in the name of "Judaism."

Jennifer Rubin: The sin of hysteria, rumor-mongering, and false statements.  You have betrayed.

America's liberal rabbis: The sin of ascribing to yourself a moral and intellectual superiority over fellow Americans.  The sin of assuming that Americans necessarily are racist and that their love of country and nation is rooted not in love of country, but in racism.  The sin of being exclusionary in the name of inclusiveness.  The sin of being false prophets and falsifying the term "Tikkun O'lam" into massive social engineering by the "right people" and instituting trans-national socialism.

The Sulzbergers of the New York Times: The sin of whitewashing Islamic Jew-hatred, as you did 70 years ago regarding Nazi Jew-hatred.  The sin of ignoring your responsibility to honest journalism and, instead, devoting your staff and time to falsely bringing down a man who did nothing that fits your concocted and manufactured falsehoods.  The sin of lying, betrayal of trust, and the sin of hubris and arrogance.  The sin of rewriting American history in such a way that Americans will be embarrassed by our history and thus reject our founding and our system and nation.

Bob Creamer: For the sins of dirty tricks.

Ben Rhodes: For the sin of being an enemy of your people and casting aside truth for the sheer game of winning in politics.

Jeff Zucker and Brian Stelter: The sin of hate, lying, maliciousness, and gain.  You are destroying the country.  The sin of being the pawn and mouthpiece of Nancy Pelosi...a woman questing power and revenge.  The sin of lusting to destroy the entire Trump family.

Most secular and liberal Jews: For the sin of hating Donald Trump in your heart and mind simply because he will not bow and cave to your universalist, trans-nationalist agenda.  You have become a "shanda."  For the sin of calling President Trump "Hitler."  For the sin of being so exclusive that you no longer care or even consider what other Americans value and hold dear, nor do you apprehend their goodness.  For the sin of thinking you are better than everybody else — in other words, self-righteousness.

Jewish left-wing trivializers of the Holocaust: For the sin of universalizing everything Jewish so that detention centers in Arizona are just as bad as concentration camps; ICE and Homeland Security are Nazis; immigration policies are Gestapo; and President Trump, for wanting to protect the American people, is Hitler.  Shame on you!

Left-wing seminaries: For the sin of taking a great religion and turning it into a socialist, America-hating, hedonistic, moral relativist ideology.  For the sin of Chillul Hashem: desecrating God's name and the name of His people.

NeverTrumps: The sins of jealousy, envy, covetousness, ambition, and arrogance...and human smallness.

Hopefully, God will transform the darkness residing in their hearts, the toxin of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), and they will be cleansed and spare Mr. Trump, and the country, further abuse.  Hopefully, some of Trump's detractors will leave the herd and join the almost 30% of American Jewry and over 70% of Israelis who enthusiastically see in President Trump a uniquely courageous force for innovation and good as well as the best hope to save Western civilization.


Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus for America and author of Push Back: Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Spirit.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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