Impeachment: The Politics of Futility

Do you remember when? When liberals were extolling “whistleblowers” as disgruntled nobodies that deserved protection against retaliation for exposing corruption in government offices?

Disgruntled? Today’s heroic Ukraine whistleblowers are now merely well-connected swamp creatures, coordinating their swampy exposure of the vile Trump with the majority staff of congressional committees.

And it seems that the Ukraine connection is merely about the Ukrainians desperately seeking money and influence anywhere they can find it in order to keep their Russian Threat at bay.

My question is: What is the Point, swampies?

What is the point of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hanging on as Speaker at the age of 79 -- she’ll be 80 in March? So she can coordinate a nonimpeachment impeachment of President Trump to keep her lefty extremists satisfied? Pelosi has five children and presumably numerous grandchildren. Would not she be better employed imparting her wisdom to her grandchildren and regaling them with tales of how the D’Alesandro clan ran Baltimore rather than appeasing the latest generation of lefty activist idiots? And what is the point of a politician that successively, in 2006 and 2018, elected cohorts of moderate Democrats to the House to gain a majority and then betrayed them, first with the leftist Obamacare and now with the leftist impeachment folly?

What is the point of Bernie Sanders running for president at the age of 78? Leaving aside the miracles of modern medicine, what is the guy thinking? He would be 83 on leaving office in January 2025. And the guy hasn’t had an original thought in decades. Remember when our Democratic friends were scornful of Ronald Reagan running for president at the age of 69? As I recall, his age and decrepitude were a constant refrain from the Democratic operatives with bylines throughout his transformative presidency.

What is the point of former President Barack Obama hanging on in Washington after his two terms in office? Or, for that matter, owning a palatial estate on Martha’s Vineyard? As I have come to understand it, the point of big houses is to hostess the influential -- it’s a girl thing. Really? I just have this idea in my mind that nobody who is anybody gives Michelle no nevermind. And as for going to her parties, darling...

And what is the point of the new Democratic Socialists of America of which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the poster-girl? Hasn’t socialism done enough damage in death and slavery already? Hasn’t socialism proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that politics-with-everything is a monstrosity? So now we need to resurrect it from its shameful grave with a pretty face?

And what is the point of, once again, using the impeachment process to cancel an election? Last time, Democrats, you sowed the wind with Richard Nixon but reaped the whirlwind with Ronald Reagan.

All these Democrats know is how to keep on keeping on. What they know is that they are the good guys, because everybody says so, that progressive government was ordained to bend the arc of history towards justice. So what else are they to do, but blindly attend their religious services (or peaceful protests), intone the eternal responses (or protest chants), and keep the progressive project going? And that is what they blindly do, day by day, year after year. They do their politics, which is about dividing people; their activism, which is about bullying people; their programs; which is about supervising people. Politics is their life; activism their religion; and programs are their paycheck.

Golly, you think some people might want an America without politicians dividing people all the time, without activists bullying people all the time, and without program administrators supervising them all the time?

It’s a pity, isn’t it, that our liberal friends have decided to make education 100% liberal, and the media, and the culture, and impose religious uniformity by banning hate speech, because if the deplorables ever decide that they just can’t take it any more, and elect some whacko real-estate developer as president, the white liberals in charge of everything -- don’t call them white supremacists, you hater -- won’t see it coming.

And the only thing they’ll think to do, after the chorus of “well I never,” will be to impeach the interloper.

Thus, I suppose does every political regime reach its sell-by date and descend into chaos and ignominy. For years and years its priests confirm its fantasy of a divine right to rule, and its poets write gripping epics about its glorious conquests. And then it all falls down.

When all your dreams of glory crash to the ground what else is there to do but strike out in impotent fury? For the royal family usually gets a one-way ticket to exile, but the courtiers left behind will like as not have to face the music.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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