Disposable Humans and the Downfall of Civilization

Evil takes on a plethora of forms in our everyday lives. It can be the ultimate evil as in the devil incarnate (i.e.: murderers and rapists), or the banality of evil such as simple courtesies falling by the wayside (i.e.: not holding the door for the person behind you). I have discussed how any person can be turned into an authoritarian tyrant given the proper situational circumstances. The true nature of humans is one of self-interest, a “how will this action benefit me in the long run?” attitude. How has the progressive movement made evil a common occurrence? Lack of morality, ethics, and the inability to determine what is a valued life; and what is viewed a mere inconvenience, to be removed, much like a dermatological imperfection.

Over the years I have watched the erosion of society, and the uprising of “wokeness.” Nothing has prepared me for the utter lack of regard for life as we currently see in today’s world. Serial abortion as a form of birth control, and in some cases an appalling sexual fetish is being seen more as society degrades and crumbles, before our very eyes, each passing day.  Evil is now taking the form of utter lack of once commonplace morality and disregard for other’s lives (this isn’t just referring to the fetus. The father rarely has a say in the fate of his unborn child). Women are free to terminate a pregnancy without consent from the father no matter what the relationship status. Feminism has led to more women soapboxing about their “right to choose.” However, what they rarely consider; or in some cases are not even privy to, is that early leaders of the feminist movement were against abortion. The “radical” feminist Susan B. Anthony referred to abortion as "child murder" and viewed it as a means of exploiting both women and children. Alice Paul, who drafted the original version of the Equal Rights Amendment, referred to abortion as "the ultimate exploitation of women."

The inconvenience of an unplanned pregnancy has led to the normalization of disposal of human beings reduced to nothing more than medical waste. Disregard for life, and the lack of fortitude to take responsibility for one’s actions has now forged a path for not only death in the biological sense of a person not given the choice the mother has chosen for them; but also, a symbolic death. A death of social culture, of ethics and values we once held as a collective society. An impersonal and spectral death that accompanies the physical death of discarding that “mistake.” Something that was once seen as a last resort, an act of pure desperation, and something to be ashamed of; is now celebrated as some curious rite of passage for modern women.

Abortion as birth control is now on the rise, and the opposition to states passing what are called “heartbeat bills” is more prevalent. States such as Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and Ohio have all signed into law these types of bills. Once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, abortion becomes illegal according to the state laws which are to take effect early 2020 if not held up in the courts. This has raised eyebrows and voices. Progressives want government “out of their uterus,” but cling tightly to the Supreme Court ruling of Row v. Wade making abortion legal. You cannot have your cake and eat it to -- either the government is to remain hands off on matters such as abortion (aka: reproductive rights) or it isn’t. Grasping at the legal precedence you prefer is not a valid argument. When a woman seeking abortion refuses to look at an ultrasound prior to termination (and when pro-choice advocates fight against mandatory ultrasounds), it is to preserve this distance between the woman and the contents of her uterus. It is easier to remove what is perceived as “a clump of cells” than a child.

In a world where the counterculture is made up of conservative values, the progressives have gone front and center with their “woke” culture. What used to be rebellion for young adults is now the norm. Drinking, having sex, and experimenting with illicit substances is an everyday occurrence. The people who are engaging in voluntary celibacy and/or committed monogamy, church, and family, are the new rebellion. Women are no longer responsible for their actions, and it is seen as noble in a sense to take many sexual partners with no regards for safety. This new outlook which was a concerted effort by the feminist movement; is an undertaking to see women as “free and empowered”; as if they were enslaved or held captive prior to this movement. Modern woke women tend to say things such as: “I’m finding myself,” and “I’m exploring my sexuality,” then have the nerve to complain about “where are the good men?” when they are finished finding themselves.  STDs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis continue to surge according to the Centers for Disease Conrtol . Unplanned pregnancy is seen as “no big deal” since easily available abortions are abundant. I suppose that Kantian ethics view of ‘Thy dear old self staring back at you in the mirror” no longer applies to modern women. How can anyone be expected to worry or even think first about her behaviors if nothing is considered “morally wrong” anymore? I have said before regarding the banality of evil that people with a lack of conscience easily have a good time.  In a society where everything is deemed acceptable behavior, the moral fiber of civilization crumbles. The loss of traditional values helped to cause the fall of Rome. What makes you think loss of values are not collapsing the world we live in currently? We live in a world where everything is acceptable, except the yearning for traditional values -- this is the new punk.

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