All the World’s a Stage for Left-wing Activism

Why doesn’t someone do something about left-wing activism? I’d always comfortably assumed that, despite the clamor of LGBT activists, there were really very few gays and transgenders. But the Audacious Epigone says that studies show that in the 18-29 cohort 13 percent now identify as gay or lesbian and 3 percent identify as transgender. Oy. Of course they do. Their diversity administrators and the activists are telling them, K thru grad school, that gay rights is exactly the same as civil rights by race and sex. And Obergefell says that gay marriage is equivalent to traditional marriage. Plus, gay is cool. What do you expect the kiddies to think? Look, I’m all in favor of being nice to gays. But telling kids that gay marriage is the same as living as man and wife? Having a full-on Democratic presidential debate about gay issues? It’s getting close to a crime against humanity. But you’d better not disagree, if you want to keep your...(Read Full Article)
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