A Lie Is Not Just a Lie

People lie all the time.  We talk of "little white lies" as good things that spare another's feelings.  "That dress looks great on you," you tell a coworker when you really think it doesn't.  There are little gray lies, sometimes seen as ambiguous, or even justifiable like white lies, only worse, that people might tell for the convenience of not having to explain their honest views.  "Sure, I think your new truck is the best one on the road," you tell your friend, even though you think another would have been a better choice.  What is the truth in cases like this?  It really doesn't matter.

With lies, only three things matter.  First, motivation.  Why the lie?  Was it fundamentally to mislead, distract, or make you believe what isn't true?  By definition, this has to be "yes."  Who then benefits?  Was the motivation altruistic, to spare your feelings, or was it self-serving and dishonest?  Now, apply those questions to prominent Democrats.  Why do they lie?  They lie to mislead and distract you, to change your focus to a topic more beneficial to them, or to make you believe something untrue, such as campaign promises.  It's always for self-serving reasons, never to benefit you.  You don't matter, either.  They don't plan to keep any of those promises.  They just want you to think they will so the polls turn in their favor.  They spend a great deal of time studying what you want to hear, so they can make sure you hear it...from them.  That's as deep as it goes.  They don't want you to know the truth; it doesn't poll well.

Secondly, the circumstances matter.  Did the liar embellish a war story to a couple of old friends over lunch, or was it to several thousand people at a campaign rally?  The former could just be one-upmanship among storytellers, but the latter is a sinister attempt to appear to be something one is not.  Hillary Clinton's story about a video conclusively being the cause of the Benghazi consulate attack wasn't just to her staff; it was to the entire world.  Bill Clinton's denial about Monica Lewinsky wasn't just to his wife, but to a national audience, as was Barack Obama's lie about keeping your doctor and your medical plan.  The circumstances of the lie dictate the breadth of the consequences and determine how long the lie lives. 

Finally, the consequences of the lie matter.  Habitual liars usually consider their lies part of controlling the conversation or driving the narrative.  Whether pre-planned or in the moment, they can rationalize their lie to minute detail, but they have no control after the lie is told.  They think their lie is foolproof and continue as though it never happened.  Did Elizabeth Warren think someone would pull the school board's meeting minutes of years past to refute her lie about having been a teacher fired for being pregnant?  No, she never thought of it.  Did Bill think his own DNA would unmask him?  No, he never thought of that.  Did Hillary think four Americans would die in Benghazi as a result of her decisions?  No, she didn't even care, as shown by her repeated telling of the same lie to the grieving families and then her accusation that they lied when they revealed what she had said.

So we have little white lies, relatively inconsequential grey lies, and then the big evil black lies with the worst of consequences — consequences that hurt people and change their lives.  Each time, the Democrats move on again, with further efforts and more lies, to distract from the big evil black lie now with a life of its own.  And too often, with the help of the media, Democrats succeed in changing the narrative, and focusing the public outrage elsewhere, rather than fading away in disgrace, as they should. 

We are the recipients and victims of the big evil black lies, and we repeatedly fail to make the consequences matter.  What are the consequences if no one imposes them?  We're usually glad the scandal is over, the headlines will finally change, and we'll get to hear something different on the news.  We just don't want to think about how the lie was more than just a lie.  When we do think about it, we see that it was a peek, sometimes tiny, sometimes as big as a house, into the soul.  It was a window revealing the inner workings of the dark, ugly, rotten, uncaring, self-important, and all-wise monster.  This person, like every Democrat presidential hopeful, believes he knows what we should think and how we should think it, the first among those thoughts being a reverence for him and a desire to give his ilk power over us, our families, and our lives.  Oblivious to the irony, such people ask for our trust by telling us more lies about what polls say we want to hear. 

Like a child whose bad habits have been encouraged by a lack of consequences, their lies get faster and bigger, until everyone knows they're lies, but also that no one who cares can or will impose any consequences.  It's an invincibility complex, and we can recognize it in their shamelessness, or their lack of principled, strongly held personal beliefs.  Why do they change positions so often?  Because the polls said they should.  Can a Democrat run as a pro-lifer?  Never!  Is Nancy Pelosi really a devout Catholic?  Does she believe what the Catholic Church says Catholics believe?  Or does she say what she has to say to get elected?  Does that mean that her whole professional life is one big unprincipled lie?  It certainly means that constituents don't hold her to a standard requiring reconciliation of obvious inconsistencies.

Nancy Pelosi isn't the only one with inconsistencies.  In the same sentence in which he insisted President Trump be impeached, Joe Biden said he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings.  What kind of father wouldn't talk to his son about such big deals?  Did he really think anyone would believe him, after his son went overseas with him on Air Force 2?  His own son contradicted him and now, following Trump's call-out, has stepped down from the board of the Chinese-backed equity company and promised not to do any more foreign work if his father is elected president.  How big of him — after nearly six years, and while still owning 10% of a company managing $2.1B in investments.

Hillary also recently made herself up for a public spectacle of assuring those on the Left that she is available to run again for president.  She relishes the thought of running once more against Donald Trump so she can "beat him again."  Somehow I missed that she's been president for the last three years.

Don't forget that many of those same Democrats with a long history of telling big evil black lies are still out there, along with a new Democrat batch following their strategy.  They don't want to make or keep America great; their end is to gain the power to destroy her.  Lies are the ways.  Gullible, uninformed, and willfully ignorant Americans are the means.

The only way to win is to win, and do so decisively.  Not by violence; that's their plan.  Win with the power of ideas, truth, logic, intellect, reasoning, integrity, and effort.  We have to want it more.  The future of America is at stake.  The American Way is facing extinction if Democrats win.  We have to outwork and outthink them.  Outsmarting them is a given.  They have to see and feel the consequences of their lies in real time.  Time has always revealed the emptiness of Democrat ideas, but it's usually too late to prevent the damage being done.  We don't have that kind of time.

Show the Democrats now that you know what they're made of.  Expose them and share your disgust of them, and their fake news outlets, on social media and in letters, emails, and phone calls.  Don't go to their rallies, don't believe anything they say, and don't vote for them.  Make them feel what it's like to realize that their lies are more than just lies; the lies actually matter.

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