2020 Dems Selling Shots of Hemlock Tea

Beckoning voters to blithely transit across an active minefield, the 2020 Dem presidential strivers exhort a bizarre nihilism where voters are expected to sign on for their own demise. 

The 2020 Democrats are not content with showering would-be voters with a prelude of lies, indignities, depravities, promised incarcerations, and oppression. The Dems expect voters will enter the polling chamber to pledge allegiance to a suicide pact. 

It’s self-immolation or bust.

The Dems expect urban poor black voters to reject any prospect of safe neighborhoods, to belittle economic opportunities, to protest crackdowns on drug traffickers, to countenance endless street killings, and to invite illegal alien gangs, while disarming cops on the beat.

There is nothing in any of the 2020 Dem pitches that speaks to reducing crime, increasing jobs, and improving day-to-day living conditions in urban America except blaming white supremacy and institutional racism.  Democratic elites campaign for emptying prisons, subsidizing disease and mental illness-ridden homeless, and bestowing welfare riches on illegal aliens, while the urban poor citizens enjoy nothing but malignant neglect and contempt.

Meanwhile the 2020 Dems pledge trillions of someone else’s money for “fixing” the climate change hoax, but can’t clean up Dem-run cities from piles of human feces and pools of urine on the streets.  Rats -- dead and alive -- are rampant in rent-controlled subsidized housing, piles of garbage are everywhere, and schools function as temporary prison-like holding cells.

How appealing to the inner-city poor -- vote for more suffering and degradation.

The 2020 Dems expect all voters to reject a vibrant fossil-fuel energy economy, replacing it with dreamy visions of wind, solar, and electric batteries fueled by star dust and intermittent zephyrs where houses, apartments, and appliances would be unaffordable; where all forms of transportation, except bicycles and shoe leather express, would be contraband;  where an idle electric grid would render third-world efficiency and reliability the best case scenario. No heat, no food, no medicines, no water, no sewer. No brains. Plenty of disease, despair, and death.

The Dems expect voters to gleefully forfeit their private property, including guns, or acquiesce to a government expropriation, embrace abject poverty, adhere to somebody else’s speech code, and accept failed state anarchy where Venezuela and California are the most recent role models.

The Democratic front-runners, presumably Biden, Warren, and Sanders, serve up a toxic brew of incoherence, totalitarianism, and economic stupidity.  Bernie touts Medicare for All, which means Medicare for none, accompanied by aggressive eugenics, death-panel rationing care for the elderly, and forcing both abortions and sterilizations on the unwanted, that is, anyone undesirable due to their economic station or racial identity -- the only means to make Bernie’s universal health care affordable.

Warren steals -- or more kindly “borrows/endorses” -- all of Bernie’s Medicare for All, then piles on with her statist harangues on drug companies, payday-lenders, stock trading, and social media, most of which make life at least bearable under progressive oppressions.

Warren’s proposed wealth tax on private property is boldfaced theft by the state, taking lessons from a long line of totalitarians -- Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez/Maduro. Her  “democratic capitalism” is a government takeover of the means of production, and distribution.  Yes, that’s communism, the most virulent form of socialism.

Warren would punish and seize accumulated wealth -- whether modest or sizeable -- widely distributed already through savings, pension funds, IRAs, and 401K plans benefitting tens of millions of regular Marys and Joes, to be siphoned and redistributed for another round of welfare state giveaways -- free college, free healthcare, free housing, debt forgiveness, free phones, free transit,  open borders, and more until everybody else’s money runs out, and those Marys and Joes' lives would be forever ruined.

Joe Biden, laughably parading as the only commonsense Dem moderate, hasn’t uttered a coherent sentence in years, and in fact has disappeared from the campaign trail for days and weeks.   How many exhibits do we need to prove Joe Biden has dementia? Or is he simply a first-rate fool? 

Biden says social workers should visit black families at night to turn on a record player for their children; no one should be in prison for a nonviolent felony; gun magazines holding more than one round should be banned. Joe Biden’s inanities, egregious enough, pale alongside his newly found enthusiasm for his rivals’ idiotic pronouncements -- from killing fossil fuels to tripling spending on failed government schools, to gun confiscation, to banning Happy Meals, hotel shampoo bottles, and plastic straws.

Joe still thinks he’s vice president, and immune from scrutiny over his own corrupt yearnings spanning decades.

Finally, Dems expect their followers -- while marching to their own gallows -- to joyfully self-flagellate, confessing that they are racists and unwashed, unenlightened scum whose white privilege deserves disapprobation, and whose Christian faith is a superstitious virulent mirage with their souls meriting extinction.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is an uncouth beast, morally bankrupt, an “existential” threat to civilization. 

Well, some voters may be repulsed by Trump’s barroom banter style, but he hasn’t ordered a shot of hemlock tea, expecting you to drink it, unlike his adversaries. 

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