Why Has the Overpopulation Myth Remained So Persistent When It's So Easily Disproven?

In the scope of modern history, population control as a means to reduce scarcity of resources is anything but a new idea, despite what socialists like Bernie Sanders would have you believe. Bernie Sanders recently proposed that America should finance abortions in developing countries in order to save the planet from the coming scarcity of global resources that will occur as a result of overpopulation and “climate change.”  Another way for this to be understood, as it certainly would have been had a Republican uttered this policy prescription, is that the best way to save the planet is to keep poor people from being born, because they might sap vital resources that could be better used by the rest of us.   Again, that’s not a new idea.  Prior to Ebenezer Scrooge’s revelation toward charity in A Christmas Carol (1843), Charles Dickens, who was a progressive champion of the poor in his time, purposefully portrays his miserly protagonist as...(Read Full Article)
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