UK Supreme Court's Smack-Down of Boris Johnson: Was It Legit?

Here's that rainy day in U.K.  People laughed at the thought that political events in the country would turn out this way.  Besides the unusual deadly flooding, with a month's rain in London in one day, that hit the country, the political system has been engulfed by a constitutional crisis, the use of power, and the problems of implementing the "will of the people" in a representative democracy.  The immediate problem stemmed from the "advice" given by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Queen Elizabeth to prorogue, suspend, Parliament for five weeks.  It has involved a reconsideration of executive power, parliamentary sovereignty, and political accountability.  Curiously, the U.S. is presently involved in a similar reconsideration of these powers, adopting a concept, the process of impeachment, inherited from Britain.  Impeachment, involving treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors,...(Read Full Article)
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