Trump Derangement Syndrome Will Consume the Democratic Party

Crazy is generally defined as mentally deranged or not mentally sound.  When being mentally deranged, which includes being crazed, insane, demented, unbalanced, and unhinged, is focused on behavior toward President Trump, we see what is commonly called Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS.  This behavior existed before his election but burst forth into full bloom the evening of November 8, 2016.  Democrats were then, and have been unable to since, accept that their pre-written version of history did not come true and that the basic premise of the inevitability of socialism was false.  They have not reacted well.

Recent events have caused most of the known world, and possibly even some extra-terrestrials, to ask just how crazy the Democratic Party is.  That’s a tough question to answer.  Let’s examine it from both a definitional and a practical perspective.

The American Psychiatric Association has a standard reference manual for identifying and describing mental disorders.  That is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).  In the section on Schizophrenia there should be an open section reserved for Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).  This is a prominent characteristic of many Democratic Party members, liberal media and certainly for elected Democratic officials in D.C.

How do observable behaviors comport with DSM-5?  Let’s see.  They are identifiable by extreme delusions, that is:

  • beliefs that conflict with reality [check],
  • hallucinations, seeing or hearing things that are not real [check],  
  • saying things that may be impossible to understand [check]. 

Additionally, observed behaviors are characterized by:

  • extremely confused thinking [check],
  • bizarre behavior [check], and
  • the inability to initiate plans [check].

So, in definitional terms, Schizophrenic derangement focused at President Trump is what we see with Democrats, in other words, TDS.

Then there is practical craziness.  This is ground level acting out, doing something that is likely to cause severe damage with little or no chance of positive outcome.  This is where Democrats really excel.  Current examples of practical craziness include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • virtually every platform proposal of all 25 presidential candidates with special focus on the Green New Deal and the very concept of anthropogenic climate change for their jaw-dropping stupidity,
  • electing the intellectually challenged bartender AOC to Congress and then letting her run the Democratic Party,
  • allowing the Sharia Squad to run Democratic foreign policy,
  • hoping the American public would believe in Robert Mueller and the Steele Report more than in Unicorns,
  • hoping any of the Kavanaugh witnesses would say anything truthful,
  • hoping Joe Biden won’t be destroyed by Ukrainian testimony,
  • thinking Comey and McCabe will not eventually take down both Clintons, and
  • trying to sell the idea that gender is a social costruct.

For two and a half years, TDS has raged within the Democratic Party like gangrene.  It festers and erupts.  It is ugly, it stinks and it will eventually kill the body. 

The Democrats have done nothing but hate the President while the President has been making America great again.  That just infuriates the Democrats more.  They cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas.  They are fighting themselves for the most unworkable socialist position while doing everything they can to smear the President with false and empty slander and accusations. 

The Russian hoax, the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch confirmation hearings, the various other concocted lies, are all beyond reprehensible and yet here we go again with an uncorroborated hearsay accusation about a phone call.  Hate and schizophrenia.  Hate is corrosive.  It seems to have already consumed any constructive thought capability in the Democratic Party.  We are left with the manifest derangement.  There is a very good possibility that complete meltdown and destruction will come if and when the party is crazy enough to actually try to impeach the President. 

History informs that the American people have very little tolerance for the removal of a President even for the most obvious and justified of reasons much less the fifth or sixth in a series of “cry wolf” concocted nonsense reasons.  Further, when it gets to rug cutting time, a lot of Democratic Congressmen will abandon their leadership in favor of getting elected again.  At that point, total internal and external meltdown will ensue. 

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