Trump Battle Prep: Things We Know

In some ways, President Trump has been going quiet in recent weeks. I wonder if that is because his people are ranging the heavy artillery wheel-to-wheel a couple of miles behind the front lines before the Big Push starts for next year’s presidential election. Think about what we know.

We know that the nation’s intelligence services were used by the Obama administration to spy on the opposition’s presidential campaign in 2016. And used again to cover up their crimes and take out a duly elected president after the election.

Stop and think about that for a minute. In all the media screaming and yelling and the deep-state leaking and the partisan media witch-hunting of the last two years, what does it mean that the intelligence services, the media, the partisan education system are so corrupted?

We know that educated women are idiots. It’s not just the inanities of the Women’s March and their pink vagina hats. It’s the foolish women university presidents. It’s the foolish women administrative managers. Hey, the truth is that educated women do not want to compete in the public square, mano a mano, like men; they want -- rather, expect -- special carve-outs, special protections, special deference, as well-born women have always expected.

We know that the establishment media is in terminal decline. The Sulzberger scion at the New York Times is not up to the job, and editors like Dean Baquet are contemptible. And as for the Washington Post: Yes, whatever happened to the Graham family? Remember Katharine Graham?

And finally, we know that the Democratic Party has become the religious party for the educated elite. My basic take on democratic politics is to understand it as a loot-and-plunder proposition. Vote for me and get loot. But Medicare for all, abortion, climate change, gun control: these are religious issues.

Medicare for All? But almost everyone has health insurance; that’s why President Obama had to lie about ObamaCare. What are the Democrats up to with this new pitch? I'd say it is religious, a declaration of faith.

Abortion? What's the deal with educated women demanding the absolute right to kill their inconvenient babies? Notice that it is not lower-class women making a moral issue out of abortion: they only think about abortion when in a jam. My abortion is for me religious, says educated woman.

I can understand gun-control: it is intolerable, insulting, not to be endured, that ordinary white men should be armed and dangerous. But to make a fetish out of "assault-style rifles" is religious.

And climate change! Here's my latest take. After you liberals have drenched the economy for the last century with your brilliant -- and expensive -- ideas for the workers and the rest, what do you mean after all that disruption that you have suddenly decided that the world is about to end unless we act now to terminate the astonishing and efficient human benefits of natural gas, oil and coal? Given how you chaps have enslaved us all -- to the extent of about 40 percent of income -- whaddya mean to claim, all of a sudden, that the sacrifice of 40 percent of income is not enough, not nearly enough? The answer is obvious: it's religious.

Remember back in the day when it was scandalous for a political party to be too much identified with a particular religion?

What is startling about President Trump is that his agenda tries to appeal to the great middle of America, the people that do not think of themselves as special, either by reason of education, of occupation, or of race or gender identity. The usual suspects have been rocked back on their heels by the effrontery of his agenda. Imagine!

But suppose that the president is also going to run on these Things We Know. What will it look like, and how will the targets react when they start to take cover from the incoming rounds?

I think it will be the political education of the ages. Donald Trump does a good act pretending to be an amateur political player. All the best people know that he is not really up to the job, lacking polish and class, and above all a presidential manner, making the presidency into a chaotic reality show.

But the truth is that President Trump was designed by God to be the Nemesis of the educated ruling class, its religion-based agenda, its pompous self-regard, and its unjust disdain for ordinary Americans. He seems to be a man with an ability to keep his head despite the chaotic swirl of events, a natural talent for operating inside the other guy’s OODA loop.  And I wonder what will happen when he starts to sow a few indictments in the fields of the deep state in the next few months.

Cue Joseph Conrad: “The horror, the horror.”

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