The Upcoming Democrat Climate Change Extravaganza that No One Will Watch

Fair warning, industrious reader: You may want to request off from work now.  CNN has carved out nearly eight full hours for a climate change town hall featuring a smattering of the gajillion still declared Democratic presidential candidates. Scheduled for September 4, the event will run from 5 P.M. to midnight, when, presumably, viewers who tuned in for the entire spectacle will immediately commit felo de se.  That makes Senator Cory Booker's face the last many doleful viewers will see before the fatal act.  How fitting. The event is called a "town hall," but it's not clear what town it refers to other than every habitable part of the planet.  It's also, by definition, supposed to take place in a "hall," despite the venue likely being a televised proscenium-lighted up with enough pin spots to illuminate a hamlet year-round. Let's see who the participants are.  The Latino former Cabinet...(Read Full Article)
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