The Radical Left: Enemy of the State or Loyal Opposition?

Barack Obama's presidency was the apotheosis of the radical nation-state.  Democrats, who sought power on behalf of self-appointed victims, became the ruling elite.  The community organizer cum president was flanked by Grecian columns at his inauguration, which since the Roman Empire have endorsed expanding political dominion.  Throughout and beyond his suzerainty, Obama gave ear to those critical of the nation and champed at the bit of constitutional restraint. During the twentieth century, there was Marx's long "march through the institutions" due to the Western intelligentsia's promiscuous infatuation with Soviet communism and Marxist historiography.  That picked up exponential speed during the nineteen-sixties.  The streets filled with Civil Rights flamethrowers, striding feminists, and flowerpot-smoking anti–Vietnam War hippies.  Marxist professors strutted their propaganda in the social...(Read Full Article)
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