New World Odor

I once waded through an article on the coming new world order that read like a final exam essay written against the clock for a Hail Mary passing grade[i]. I mention this because of its continuing relevance to shallow thinking regarding matters of great importance – in this case, world order no less! The gist of the article was that with the “old order” collapsed and in disarray, the “new order” faces the danger of fundamentalism – whether Islamic, Christian, or yours, wasn’t clear and didn’t seem to matter.

The call, in so many words, was to root out “bad guys” who interfere with “good guys” trying to spread “democracy” throughout the world. Shooting clichés from the hip and trotting wild through a hodgepodge of tatty assumptions, the author took aim at those who follow sacred scripture instead of secular scripts regularly dished out with news and entertainment. A kernel of enlightenment was offered, for the benefit of the benighted orthodox out there:

“America has had more than its share of [fundamentalists…]. But the fact that the New Testament is, in effect, a symposium dilutes any claim that it is God’s word in the sense of direct dictation, enabling the controversial but erudite British ex-politician Enoch Powell (a professor of Greek at age 25) to claim that according to his reading of the original Gospel of St. Matthew, Jesus Christ was not crucified but stoned to death...”

There you have it. “Fundamentalists” – those ignorant “bad guys” of society – need to be stopped by the knowledgeable “good” guys, or else . . . what a disaster!

This catchy narrative may be useful for novels and movies, but as serious argument regarding a matter of such importance as world order still has me wondering why, to put it plainly, dominating the world with modern “doxy” is better than old “doxy.”

Using the word “orthodox” in this context is not entirely off base, as I shall explain shortly.

The claim of superiority of modern over traditional order that lacks objectivity is suspect to begin with. “Liberals” and some who call themselves “conservative” have no use for objectivity because it gets in the way of smug assumptions and convenient conclusions. Greatest objection is the unyielding connection of objectivity to unchanging standards that lie beyond total comprehension and control.

Now whether traditional or edge-cutting, the truly smart deal with reality in terms that make human sense – sufficient motive for placing humility ahead of politics. Those who think they are onto the “real truth,” then trot off, dismissing any connection to an objective reality beyond themselves, even with evidence against them. They cannot have the sympathy or cooperation of those who, like the “deplorables” among us, are aware how easily politics can corrupt justice.

My own experience tells me that what Gospel types lack in intellectual prowess they make up for in purity of heart, acceptance of the real world, and an upbeat spirit, which accounts for their general decency, good sense, and fair play, in addition to solid morals, without which justice fumbles and ultimately vanishes. I find that anti-Gospel types, whether atheists, “liberals,” fake conservatives, New World Orderers, and all who rail against the “fundamentalism” of others, are just as fundamentalist in their convictions as those who follow traditional religious beliefs. Decorating their doctrines with chunks of science imparts an “enlightened” ring to their creeds. Nice trick. Why don’t they just come out and say that they disagree with God, and to hell with those who disagree with them.

Not a few political activists pretend to be “on God’s side,” while in fact undermining religion that is backed by holy scripture, mouthing biblical verse to make their case. Regardless of their attempts to sound religious, they succeed only in revealing a contempt for scripture that doesn’t fit their agenda. If used at all, Holy Writ must be “updated” (translation: corrupted). Otherwise, feeble minded Gospel Christians and Commandment-crazed Jews might insist on principles derived from the Creator instead of from think-tank specialists.

Calls for governance and social order derived from traditional religion, because they are allegedly not backed by science or are not endorsed by intelligent secularists, are to be banished from human thought and action. This now overt objective of New World Order activism is grounded in the smug assumption that might does make right, after all. But how does anyone reconcile this idea with the enormous number of senseless deaths that have occurred in the wake of “enlightened” might? 

Whatever the grounds for investing one’s soul in any of today’s platforms for social progress, it is essential, as it always has been, to take notice of the undeniable hatred of fellow human beings at the hands of those most active in promoting a “better world.” Promoters of social improvement who place themselves above the public they claim to benefit are – according to scripture ignored by the bible quoters among them – false prophets [Matthew 7:15-20]. These are known by their “fruit” (the results of their actions).

Some defective “fruit” of false prophets of progress include: making babies suffer and die instead of allowing them to be born; obliterating the distinction between male and female; wearing blinders when the minds of children are raped, the corruption of science, the trashing of a moral sense . . . .

The pile of bad fruit emits a smell of totalitarianism powerful enough to alert all in possession of their senses that respect for human life, freedom of thought, freedom of action, freedom of conscience are in danger of vanishing before their eyes, thanks to political leaders who by their actions show that they have little regard for life or liberty. Bear this in mind when big-brother vendors of any variety of defective fruit, socialism prominent among them, ask for your vote.

[i] “The New World Disorder” – Brian Crozier – National Review (December 1994).

Image credit: DraGoth

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