Democrats Turning the 2016 MAGA Movement into a 2020 Revolution

Liberals need to get used to the idea of a President Trump win in 2020. When every Democrat hopeful stood on that debate stage and raised their hands in support of free healthcare for illegals, they might as well have held up a 'Trump 2020' banner.

The tables that started to turn with the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement in 2016 have now been knocked over.

Ironically, Democrats have become the recipients of their own intolerance for any differing opinions. Fortunately for conservatives, it is futile for more centrist Democrats, if there are any, to try and convince far left, radical Dems there may be a better strategy than coddling illegals and race-baiting. Just try and tell the Squad, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters and Jerry Nadler to stop beating the drum for the President's impeachment. 

Trump’s 2016 victory has outed the Democrats. It’s official. Democrats are the party of political violence, of antifa zombies, of killing babies about to be born and making the already born comfortable before killing them, of race hoaxes, of Russia hoaxes, of green new deal scams, of transgendered bathrooms, of  educational indoctrination, of gun confiscations, of criminals, of drug and human traffickers, of Bolshevik socialism, of sanctuary cities for MS-13 butchers, of censorship, of America-hating politicians, of hellhole American cities, of character assassinations and of a coup against a president duly elected by the people.

The Party not only embraces this platform of hate, misery and death, they demand we either see it their way through the lens of a socialist state, or we must be silenced. 

But what happens when you label 63 million American citizens racist, white supremacist, white nationalist, fascist, deplorable and Nazi every day, all day, for 3 years?

What happens if you censor stereotype, slander and assault anyone of any color if they do not agree with you?

What happens when members of Trump’s staff and cabinet are run out of restaurants and public places merely because of their political views?

What happens when Americans wearing MAGA hats are harassed, verbally abused, bullied and beat up by thugs who vote Democrat?

What happens when illegals are given a pass for murder, rape, gun possession, human trafficking and drug dealing while legal, innocent, taxpaying American citizens are treated like criminals?

What happens when enemies of the people in the past administration use their positions of power to try and bring down a U.S. President?

What happens is a revolution that has been simmering since the rise of the Tea Party in 2009.

After Trump's MAGA victory in 2016 the deluded Democrats and their propagandists in the mainstream media went nuts. 

Three years later, they still do not get America or Americans.  In doubling and tripling down in their attacks on Trump, the legions of fake news practitioners, billionaire socialist globalists and political imposters in Congress have tested the patience of patriotic Americans.

One of the worst offenders is Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Gratefully, her hubris has done more to whittle away at the Democrats' fake concern for Americans' welfare than any other hack on Capitol Hill. Omar’s insidious hatred of America and Israel, not to mention her alleged immigration, tax and marriage fraud, is not going over well in her ‘home’ state. In 2016, Trump lost Minnesota by only 44,000 votes. Could Omar single-handedly flip Minnesota for Trump?

Somali gangs in Omar’s district have been caught on video viciously pummeling and robbing people. Police reports indicate there has been a 53 percent increase in these kind of robberies in Minneapolis since Omar’s election. Will Trump win in Minnesota because of Ilhan Omar? 

CNN's Martin Savidge interviewed Northern Minnesotans in a former Democratic stronghold and found out there may be another reason President  Trump could add the state to the win column.

When Savidge asked the mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota, "Are we talking thousands of people sort of shifting and changing their politics?" The mayor, a Democrat, told Savidge "yep, yeah,” it's a matter of “economics, he's [President Trump] our guy."  Savidge reported that many voters he spoke to in Eveleth also back the president's crackdown on immigration, his easing of environmental regulations, and his support of the steel industry.

CNN is not the only anti-Trump media organization to understand Democrats may be on the verge of experiencing a bigger blowout loss than in 2016.

Bill Maher appeared on MSNBC 's Morning Joe last week. Maher said voters look for “strength, not weakness, and that's what they see in Trump.” Scarborough cited the candidates’ "race to the far left" and asked Maher what he thought. “It’s not good… if you run on taking away people's healthcare and taxing them too much and taking away their guns and trans women get (sic) abortion rights, I don’t think you’re gonna win this election."

Buzzfeed, another online sinkhole where facts are not important, ran a September 5 article about the author's July 4 weekend in DC with Bikers for Trump. While depicting the group of nearly 100,000 members as racist, hateful, drunk  and ignorant  rednecks, the writer, James Pogue, ended his piece, predictably entitled, "American Rage,"  with a useful insight.   Win or lose, says Pogue, with or without Trump in the White House for another four years, life will never be the same in America:

If Trump wins, they[Bikers for Trump] are a phalanx of loyalists in an ongoing revolution. If he loses, well, it’s hard to say what exactly will happen to the Bikers or in the country at large.

But it was impossible to be in DC that 4th of July weekend and imagine that this movement would somehow disappear. They were born out of opposition. Anyone who thinks that the next election will take things back to where they were is kidding themselves. This is only the beginning.

Pogue is no fan of Trump or his biker pals, but he's right. With President Trump amassing huge crowds at rallies this past summer, the most recent on Sunday in Houston’s NRG stadium where over 50, 000 people gathered to hear President Trump and India’s Prime Minister Modi, this is indeed "only the beginning" of the Trump revolution.

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