'Climate Change': A Leftist Excuse to Redistribute Wealth and Destroy the West

The "Church of Climate Change" demands that Western nations impose restrictions on industrial CO2 emissions, encouraging them to squander billions on unreliable "green" technologies and renewable sources of energy.  They continue to ignore the one policy that has significantly increased atmospheric CO2 levels in the last few decades, generating hundreds of millions of metric tons of the stuff annually: mass third-world immigration (see Kolankiewicz and Camarota, 2008). If the IPCC were objective, it would demand an end to mass immigration instead of more carbon taxes and emissions trading.  Such indifference in the face of the evidence shows that they care more about racially dispossessing whites than they do about "saving the planet." So what is the ulterior motive?  To further understand what this may be, we must examine the career of Canadian businessman Maurice Strong (1929–2015).  Thanks to his...(Read Full Article)
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