We Need a Red Flag Law for Joe Biden

We need pre-emptive red flag laws for Joe Biden, Democrat politicians, and their voters.  They're dangers to themselves and others. Let's do a Biden review.  He still thinks Margaret Thatcher is Britain's prime minister (not the first time he's recently gaffed on this), believes there are at least three genders, believes he was vice president in 2018, grabbed a woman by the arm to tell her he was the first to support gay "marriage," and believes firearms are like Star Trek ray guns. And this is the frontrunner candidate for president of one of our two major parties, who will get tens of millions of votes when he's the Democrat nominee.  (I'm on public record having predicted a Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket.) We're going to put my theory to the test: that Democrats would elect Genghis Khan if a "D" followed his name.  Democrats care not about Biden's past, either personally or...(Read Full Article)
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