Warren's 'Faith' Requires Human Sacrifices

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been rising in the Democratic primary polls as progressives drift away from Bernie Sanders as old news and Joe Biden as, well, just old, resembling more the two cranky Muppet gentlemen in the balcony than the political wave of the future. Warren’s more subdued demeanor seems to have positioned her as the new adult in the room in contrast to those who, for example,  think live streaming their teeth cleaning is the road to the White House

To further distinguish her from Spartacus, Willie Brown’s girlfriend and the other Lilliputians in the field, and well aware of the role evangelical Christians played in Trump’s 2016 victory and will likely play again in 2020,  Warren has decided to play the faith card, invoking her Christian upbringing Saturday morning at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's annual convention in Chicago.

She opined about how her Christian faith shapes her liberal policies and although her appeal to the righteous is not likely to peel off the bitter clingers clutching their Bibles, it could have some traction among the cafeteria Catholics and progressive Protestants who think the Bible, like the Constitution, doesn’t really mean what it says and is subject to the passions and interpretations of the moment. These are the people who always put the “Reverend” before “Al Sharpton.” As CNN reported:

After being introduced by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who founded the coalition, Warren told a story to the audience about teaching Bible study to fifth graders and read a passage that she said has led many of the decisions and policies she's crafted since entering office.

The Massachusetts senator, who has said she practices the Methodist faith, read the King James version of passage Matthew 25 to cheers and applause from the crowd.

"For me there are three lessons in that passage," she said. "The first is there is God in every one of us. There is God in every one of us. Not God just in those who look like the Lord, God in every one of us. There is God in the children, there is God in the hungry, there is God in those who are in prison."

There is God, presumably, even in Donald Trump, who has publicly professed that he believes that every human life is a gift from God. Warren, who supports abortion to the moment of birth, denies the humanity of the unborn and their right to life. Does she remember the passage where Mary, pregnant with the fetus Christians call Jesus, greeted Elizabeth, and the baby, yes, baby that was to become John the Baptist, leapt in his mother’s womb? Does she remember the passage where God reminds us that even before he formed us in the womb, He knew us?

Warren’s faith is very selective. The faith of our Founding Fathers was absolute when they noted in the Declaration of Independence that our unalienable rights came from our Creator and that foremost among those rights, before liberty and the pursuit of happiness, was life.

Sen. Warren has announced her support for abortions for any reason until birth and for making taxpayers pay for them  As Life Site News notes:

A Massachusetts Democrat and a 2020 presidential candidate, Warren urged Congress to pass laws that require states to allow unrestricted abortions, according to Reuters. She said she believes the legislation is necessary because the U.S. Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade in the near future…

Her plan would prohibit states from “interfering in the ability of a patient to access medical care, including abortion services, from a provider that offers them.” This leaves no allowances for restrictions on abortions after unborn babies are viable or even partial-birth abortions, which could become legal again under her plan…

Warren’s plan also calls for taxpayer-funded abortions. She wants to end the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of elective abortions through Medicaid, the AP reports. Additionally, it her plan would require that all health plans “-- including Medicare for All -- [include] contraception and abortion coverage.”

Why, that’s the Christian thing to do, isn’t it? Elizabeth Warren would seem to have more in common with King Herod than with Matthew. Why not slay the first-born of Bethlehem? And get the taxpayers to pay for it?  Herod might have founded Planned Parenthood if he had thought of it

Warren's made-up Indian heritage was a lie she exploited to advance her career, hardly a Christian virtue, She recently told another lie, opining that that Ferguson cops were murderers, which comes under the heading, I believe, of bearing false witness against your neighbors. Greater love hath no man, Sen. Warren, than someone who lays their life down for their friends, and police every day risk their lives, some losing their lives, to keep us alive.

The only life Warren would lay down is that of an unborn child that survived an abortion. She would, like the Democrat governor of Virginia, wrap it in a blanket, lay it on a table, and wait for it to die. 

Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.