Trump Exposes the Real Rats

The score is three to one.

President Trump leads Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in being publicly called a “racist” in the past week.

Of course, Trump has been called all kinds of names since his successful 2016 campaign. But slurs don’t stick in the presence of truth.  And Trump keeps winning. 

But if Trump and Republican Party want to win in 2020 and beyond, they need to continue fearlessly addressing the issue of race and urban decay in all its painful ugliness.

The latest news cycle has Trump being called a “racist” for insulting a 13-term black congressman.

Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland is one of many hypocritical Dems in need of a come-to-Jesus moment.  And Trump brought him to church.

For weeks if not months, Cummings and his comrades have been crying crocodile tears over alleged inhumane conditions for children being held by border control along our Southern border.

“None of us would have our children in that position,” Cummings screamed at the head of border control in a House hearing.  “They are human beings.”  

Cummings was upset by reports of children being held in cages, without showers and sleeping in their own feces.  Cummings emotional outburst on July 19 may have prompted Trump to take a swing back.

Trump called him a “brutal bully” and tweeted a reminded to Cummings about the condition of his own congressional district. 

“The border is clean, efficient & well-run, just very crowded. Cumming district is a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess,” tweeted the President at 4:14 AM.  (Does the President ever sleep?)

Trump went further to say that Cummings should address the issues in his own district, which he described as a “very dangerous and filthy place.”

Every news outlet pounced, calling Trump a racist.  One CNN commentator was triggered to tears by the word “infested” which, he said, Trump uses only for Black people.  

These sanctimonious crybabies can call “racism” all day long.  But the truth prevails.

Baltimore ranks among the top ten most rat-infested cities in America, according to an annual nationwide study done by Orkin Pest Control.   Of course, all of the top ten, including Dallas-Fort Worth, are run by Democratic regimes.

I have witnessed piles of garbage, dead animals, old furniture, and rotting food in these neglected ghettos.  Part of the rat problem stems from the lack of sanitation services provided in Baltimore and other inner-city neighborhoods.  

Even Baltimore’s former mayor said her city smelled of rats and dead animals in front of TV cameras.  Catherine Pugh (no pun intended) would later have to resign for corrupt behavior. The current mayor of Baltimore, Jack Young, challenged Trump to send federal assistance.  Instead of funds, Trump should send a federal investigation. 

Shamefully, Democrats have maintained Cummings’ district since 1953 and nothing has gotten any better for black Baltimoreans.

Instead, things are actually worse.  Baltimore is ranked as one of the most violent cities in the nation.  The poverty rate is extremely high at 23.8 percent with 65 percent of the residents being African-American.

According to, the infant mortality rate in Mexico in 2017 is 11.5 per one thousand live births.  The City of Baltimore has a 12.2 infant mortality rate, according to the Maryland department of health in 2017.  

The important point is that Mexico's infant mortality rate is decreasing over the past 10 years while blacks in Baltimore are dying in infancy at an alarming rate.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was recently called a “racist’ by the socialist Squad of her party, defended Cummings as a “champion in the Congress and the country for civil rights and economic justice.”

How can there be an increase of civil rights and economic justice with the statistics listed above?

Cummings responded:

"Mr. President, I go home to my district daily. Each morning, I wake up, and I go and fight for my neighbors.” 

Neighbors?  Cummings certainly doesn’t live in the squalid and fetid city which he has represented since 1996.  He lives among the many wealthy black Balitmoreans.

Maryland has some of the most affluent black communities in the country.  Prince George’s County is 63 percent black with a median annual income of over $110,000.  This educated and upwardly-mobile population would be a great place to encourage support for more conservative policies.  Sadly, only 8.4 percent of the county voted Republican in 2016.

But a far more urgent need is outreach to the rat-invested American inner cities.  Yes, Baltimore is full of rats, but some of those rats are on two legs. They are walking the streets doing voter registration en masse and pushing a new progressive collectivist socialist message.  These Soros-funded activists are on a mission to maintain the Black vote at any cost.  

As an independent journalist covering urban issues, I find myself in these nasty neighborhoods.  I see the liberal activists but I also hear the local folks openly support Trump’s economic success and immigration policy. 

In a pawnshop in Miami I heard several laborers saying they don’t care what people say about Trump.  They had just gotten construction jobs working at a local convention center, which they attributed to the Trump economy.

“We’ve been here 400 years,” yelled a man in a parking lot in front of Winn Dixie supermarket in Liberty City.  “Why do they get to come over the border and take our jobs!”

This enterprising man was selling mangoes out of a shopping cart to earn his daily bread. 

If we are to become one American people again, those enterprising and politically-aware urban residents need to be recognized.  They should not be forgotten because of their zip code nor their race. Even the worst communities can be restored, as well as the human beings within them. 

Urban-dwelling Americans simply need to be shown that they really don’t deserve the rats who represent them.

And President Trump is doing just that.

K. Barrett Bilali is an independent journalist based in South Florida and Rabat, Morocco.  He has been published in the Urban News Service, U.S. News and World Report and Quartz Africa.