Rejection of Moral Absolutes Plagues the Modern Left

If death — anyone's death — brings you joy, you should intently re-examine your worldview.  Even the just execution of a mass murderer — which I support in every case — should not bring anyone joy.  As a Christian, I often find myself opposed — spiritually, politically, and otherwise — to those outside my faith.  However, I take no joy in anyone's death, especially those outside of my faith.  Christianity teaches that "each one of us will give an account of himself to God."  Any death that results in eternal separation from God is always particularly tragic. However, for those who have put their faith in the things of this world, who are determined to rule their own world, death usually has no such significance.  Thus, for such people, like the death of an "inconvenient" child, the death of an enemy is often something to celebrate.  The most recent...(Read Full Article)
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