Political Forecast: Stormy Weather Ahead

Like the Cargo Cult in the Pacific, which builds model planes in the hope that, they will bring in cargo planes full of spam and other goodies as they did in WWII, the Democrats keep hoping for airships full of votes that will never come in. All who can read discard the Russian collusion claims. What remains of them is the long-delayed Horowitz report and anticipated prosecutions for the coup plotters. For those still wanting to be deluded there’s CNN, which has hired a major plotter, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as a contributor to continue the Let’s Pretend narrative. 

Another of the putative Democratic presidential nominees has dropped out of the race. Trollmaster Donald J Trump tweeted:


The Dow is down 573 points perhaps on the news that Representative Seth Moulton, whoever that may be, has dropped out of the 2020 Presidential Race!

I don’t know that Moulton’s chances were any worse than the other candidates in the long run. An online poster whose identity is unknown to me summed up the party’s unappealing agenda rather neatly, I think:

1. Fred Stevens, a welder, and Joe Frisco, a bartender, neither of whom went to college, will have to pay off the student loans for Eric, an Art History major, and Emma, a Gender Studies major, because they cannot get jobs. (Elizabeth Warren).

2. Yusef Hussein, who killed 23 children by bombing their school, will be allowed to vote from prison. (Bernie Sanders)

3. Grace Thompson, who worked hard for 47 years, must give up her employer furnished medical plan and join the National Health plan. (The whole slate)

4. La'Darius Washington, who has never had a regular job, will receive a monthly income from the federal government to spend as he pleases. (Amy Klobuchar)

5. Billy White, age 16, who has trouble with subject/verb agreement in English class, still has trouble with fractions in math class, and thinks Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court will get to vote. (Kirsten Gillibrand)

6. Stan Billings, an avid deer hunter, will have his semi-automatic rifle (fires one shot each time you pull the trigger) taken away, or go to jail, because it looks like an AR 15. (The entire slate)

7. Sven Johannson, whose grandfather immigrated to the US in 1953 will have to pay reparations to Sha'lyndia Jefferson because she THINKS her great-great-great grandfather MIGHT HAVE BEEN a slave. (Cory Booker)

8. Thomas Finch, who is an ambitious and motivated adult, cannot get a job because he doesn't want to join a labor union. (Kamala Harris)

9. Sammy Thomas, a farmer, will no longer be able to haul his crops to market in his 3/4 ton diesel pick-up, but will have to make 43 trips in his Toyota Prius. (The whole slate)

10. The population of the US will become 76.4% Hispanic because all of the existing border wall will be torn down. (Beto O’Rourke)

11. NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER BECAUSE THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN TWELVE YEARS. (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & most of the candidates)

Telegraphing the hard slog ahead, Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins others in her party suggesting threats of violence are called for:

“So you have to be ready to take a punch. You have to be ready to take a punch,” Pelosi said.

“And therefore, you have to be ready to throw a punch, for the children. Throw a punch for the children!”

She said this in an atmosphere where anti-Republican violence escalates.  Given Bernie Bro James Hodgkinson’s shooting of Representative Steve Scalise and his attempted murder of the congressional Republican leadership to the almost daily thuggery against conservatives on college campuses, in restaurants, and Portland, her language is certainly as incendiary as that of Maxine Waters’ harangue that “cabinet members and highly visible Trump enablers should expect harassment at restaurants, gas stations, shopping places, and even their homes until they change their immigration policy.”

The continued harassment and violence, of course, is unreported or underreported by the media. Had the president used such language it would be above the fold on the Washington Post, above the story of the travails of a transgender (women to man) having a baby.

It’s not just the Democratic candidates who’ve gone off the rails. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (B.A. Yale, JD U Va) has joined the four-women squad of crazies this week with this non-starter:    

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) on Tuesday declared that “racism” is “a national security threat” and urged President Donald Trump’s administration to invest more federal funds to “get into the lives” and “minds” of young white males who are “drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do.” 

Imagine shelling out millions to the congresswoman’s friends to run mandatory re-education camps. To the New York Times, which, as I noted last week, is shifting its focus from the debunked Russian Collusion tale (which won it two awards from the nonsensical Pulitzer Prize Committee) to trying to paint the President and the entire country she’d accused of racism, Lee would be the perfect avatar.

As the summer days wane, there’s going to be no end to the political heat waves. We learned this week that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was being treated the past three weeks for a recurrence of her pancreatic cancer. I wish her no ill in her continuing health issues, but given her age and series of cancers, it is unclear how long she can continue her duties on the Supreme Court.

A nomination battle for a replacement would surely make the outrageous Kavanaugh hearings seem mild in comparison. U.S. Appellate court judge (Seventh Circuit) Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of seven children (two of whom were adopted from Haiti) is unlikely to be accused of gang raping by women whose stories against Kavanaugh evaporated in sunshine. Nor does she seem a useful “racist” target. In Barrett’s nomination hearings for the appellate court, Senator Diane Feinstein, who played such a dishonest, unsavory part in the Kavanaugh hearings, said of Barrett: "the dogma lives loudly within you, and that is a concern." Can the Democrats afford to lose the Catholic vote, too? With Planned Parenthood losing $260 million in federal funding this week, perhaps that spigot of cash and ground support to the Democrats is running low, and they’ll tone it down. Unlikely, though. There are too many credulous women voters still out there. (I remember reading posts from women on Facebook when Romney was the candidate asserting he’d ban tampons if he won.)

In any event, should Justice Ginsburg be unable to continue before the election, or the nomination proceedings extend beyond the almost certain re-election of the President, the Court’s activities will be severely hampered by the lack of a full complement.

As for Jewish voters, the estimable Caroline Glick makes a compelling argument that the BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction) movement against Israel is “directed primarily against American Jews, Its goal is to silence them as a political force in America. American Jews who support Israel are ostracized in universities and even high schools, They are subjected to abuse in every quarter.” She gives as examples the forced resignation of Warren Kanders from the Whitney Museum Board and the defamatory article in the AP about Simon Falic for his pro-Israel philanthropy. The President has taken direct aim at the Democrat party’s ”open embrace of anti-Semites and anti-Semitic messaging.” The Democrat shills making a living in ostensibly Jewish (mostly reform) synagogues and organizations continue to paint the anti-anti-Semite President as their enemy, pulling the wool over the eyes of those who should know better.

With no saleable candidates or agenda I expect the Democrats to grow ever more pugilistic and the press to grow ever more blind to their incitements to violence. And voters to become even more disgusted by both.