Mrs. Biden! Rescue Joe! Let him enjoy his twilight years in peace

Most of us who have reached the age range that Joe Biden has have already watched our own parents age, decline, and suffer the indignities that invariably come with advancing age.  We know we too will endure certain ailments or infirmities and hope we will be able to face them with courage and grace.  Now, for reasons no one outside the Democratic Party understands, Joe Biden is being put through the ringer as a presidential candidate, an undertaking for which he clearly is not prepared, mentally or physically.

Biden has always had problems with honesty and the truth.  He plagiarized part of a speech by Neil Kinnock during his run for president in 1987–88. He lied often during the Obama/Biden campaign and about his academic career.  Google "Biden gaffes," and you will get a long list of outright lies and countless injudicious remarks, many of them quite racist.  Those who never stop claiming they are not racists usually are exactly that.

Biden underwent two surgeries for brain aneurysms in 1988.  The surgeon who performed those procedures today feels the need to defend the health of Joe's little gray cells even though it is quite obvious that he has lost more than a few steps.  One might wonder about that doctor's current mental state.  Biden has a difficult time speaking clearly and frequently mixes up his words.  (Nancy Pelosi does as well.)  He often says the opposite of what he means to say.  In New Hampshire, he said of his health care plan "We'll make sure it's not quality.  We'll make sure it's only affordable."  How's that for a brain misfire?  There is that one the other day about valuing truth over facts!  Then he forgot in which decade it was that MLK and RFK were killed.  No wonder Obama did not want him to run; he is afraid that Biden's continued bumbling will reflect poorly on his own legacy, however inflated that legacy is.

Joe may have joined the race as the most centrist of the pack, but he has spent his time on the campaign lurching to the far left in order to catch up to the rest of those moonbats' nonsensical promises to confiscate the wealth of all Americans who have any and to take us back to the pre-industrial age via de-carbonization because they believe that humans, who are a mere blip on the life of this planet, can alter the climate.  They promise to keep our borders open and unrestricted, to protect all illegal migrants no matter what crimes they commit and to make us all pay for their health care.  That is the short list of how they plan to destroy the U.S. as founded. 

Given the increasingly obvious signs that Sleepy Joe is not up to the rigors of running for president, let alone actually being president, one must wonder why Mrs. Biden has not stepped in and put a compassionate stop to his campaign.  Most long-married wives would strive to protect their aging husbands from the mortification of so many public gaffes.  A loving wife would do anything in her power to make her husband's twilight years as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Dr. Jill is instead participating in the push to keep him on the national stage even though he is becoming the butt of jokes on an almost daily basis.  She even admitted that voting for him may be "hard to swallow" but advises voters to do it because he is the only candidate who can beat Trump!  In her dreams.  Not exactly a resounding recommendation from Dr. Jill.  Surely, she knows he is no longer equipped to play with the big dogs.

If she won't rescue him, why doesn't son Hunter step in and save his father?  Probably because he has a host of potential personal and criminal problems he will have to address in the near future: his windfall of billions of dollars thanks to his dad's wheeling and dealing in China and Ukraine, for example.  If Mrs. Biden thinks those issues are not going to come up, further stressing the old man, she is dreaming.

Having lost one son, it is easy to see why Biden would want to overlook his surviving son's personal failings, but they will all be media fodder if he becomes the candidate.  Dr. Jill may think that because Joe is a Democrat and Obama's former V.P., he will be protected.  He will be by the NYT, the WaPo, and the rest of the usual prevaricators that constitute the Left media, but those outlets are increasingly ignored by Americans outside of the Beltway and the political class.  There are countless other actual news outlets that will be all over those issues. 

Though he has accomplished very little during his fifty years in the Senate and as V.P., Joe Biden does not deserve to be so thoroughly humiliated in public at the end of his career.  Be a mensch, Dr. Jill!  Take him home,  make him comfortable, and let him enjoy the grandchildren out of the harsh light of  media exposure.  "One of the cruelest things you can do to another person is to pretend you care about them more than you really do" (Douglas Coupland).  Step up to the plate, Mrs. B.  Show us you care about the man.