Minorities: The Forgotten Democrat Voters

In business and in politics, you can never take your customers and voters for granted.  Next year, we're going to find out what strides we've made in signing disaffected political free agents to our Republican Party and President Trump re-election team, including historically reliable Democrat voting blocs such as blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Millennials, and Generation Zers. Will micro-movements such as Blexit and Jexit make a positive electoral impact?  It is not unrealistic that President Trump's campaign may raise over $1 billion for 2020; these are funds that can be used for unprecedented voter outreach in purple districts and big cities located in purple states.  I'm confident that there are tens of thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands, of Americans disillusioned with the Democratic Party.  Let's welcome them to the America First family of voters.  Unlike the Democrats, we don't seek to take...(Read Full Article)
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