Is It Trans Discrimination or Legitimate Concern for Women?

The landscape of women’s sports has changed drastically in the last few years. Natural-born males who now identify as women can compete athletically against natural-born women simply by stating they identify as a woman. This includes quite masculine males who have long since passed the age of puberty before their purported “transition.” What has been buried under the identity politics cacophony are facts of biology, and the indisputable differences between the two sexes. Those who have spoken out against the sudden turn of events say they are being censored; some professionals have been fired for not following the trans activist narrative that prevails in public discourse. The recent case at Connecticut State High School where two biological males, Andraya Yearwood, and Terry Miller, who have taken 15 women’s state championship titles in track and field, is a case which demonstrates the advantage over biological females. Both Yearwood and Miller...(Read Full Article)
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