Forty-nine Years After Coming to America, I Became a Citizen Because I Want to Vote for President Trump

By Clara

I grew up in the countryside about 2 hours from Quito where I lived with my grandmother.  I moved to the city where I met my husband and we had two kids.  He was a mechanic and I worked odd jobs to help with the bills. My jobs always involved something to do with tourists from other countries.  I would hear about a place called America and wanted to someday go see it for myself.

I never wanted my kids to struggle or experience what I did growing up and knew that education was the way out.  We placed my son in a private school so he would have the best education possible.  It was then, that we realized we could not afford the same education for my daughter. The expense of education was too great, and we just didn't know what we were going to do.

A friend had an uncle who was the chauffeur for a man that worked in the World Bank.  His family was moving back to the States and was looking for a nanny.  I was 29 when I decided to take the opportunity to see for myself if all the stories of America were true.  In July 1970, I left my husband and two kids; my son was 6-and-a-half and my daughter 2-and-a-half.  I really didn't know what was waiting for me, or the time I was about to lose seeing my kids growing up.

The family that hired me provided me with a work visa which had to be renewed annually.  I was overwhelmed when I arrived in America.  The beauty was breathtaking, and I fell in love with it.  I had never seen leaves change colors or snow falling.  The first winter in America was very hard and I cried many nights.  Days, months, years went by and I continued to work as a nanny.  I learned about the culture and experienced many new things during this time.

It was during my second year working that I knew I wanted to stay and make this my country.   America is a land of opportunity and prosperity.  All who are willing to work hard and live according to the laws are able to make a better life for themselves and their families.  I wanted that dream for my family too.  The family that provided me with my visa was able to help with getting my family to the States.  It wasn't until December 1973 that I was able to be reunited with my kids.  My husband came later.

I wanted to raise my kids the American way and made sure they adapted to the culture.  I prohibited my kids from speaking Spanish outside the home.  I told them that we're in American now and need to speak English.  It was difficult for my kids at first, but they learned quickly and soon had American friends that taught them English as well.

I continued to work for the family that brought me to the States for 8 years, but they weren't able to sponsor us for a resident card.  They were able to put me in contact with another family that could sponsor us for a green card.  In July 1979 we became permanent residents of this great country.

I never had any desire to get involved with politics or voting.  I worked an honest job, paid taxes, built a life for myself and never really felt I was missing anything… until recently.  Of all my years living in this country, I never felt anyone in government loved this country as much as I did.  This country gave me and many others the opportunity to make something of ourselves and provide opportunities for the next generations.  President Trump has been demonstrating his love for this country through his actions since his election.  In my opinion, He has done more in less than three years for all Americans than anyone during my 49 years in this country.

Many of my friends do not share the same opinion as I do about the President.  Whenever we get together and politics comes up, emotions get high and someone's feelings get hurt.  I keep telling them, it’s not about groups, but about issues that affect this country.  I love the slogan "Make America Great Again" because it’s true.  America is a great country and we shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed, but proud and grateful to call this our home.

I decided I wanted to cast my vote in support of this President in 2020 and asked my daughter to help me with the paperwork to become a Naturalized Citizen.

I am proud and excited to announce that on July 29th I was sworn in as a Naturalized Citizen of this great country.

Clara and her children prepare

Proud new citizen Clara

And President Trump has my vote in 2020.

Clara is the pen name of a recently naturalized American Citizen who loves this country and its president.

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