Democrats Brace for War over Supreme Court

The news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was treated for pancreatic cancer raised the possibility of a Supreme Court opening within the next year.

The 86-year-old Ginsburg's health has been declining for years, to where the last year has felt like a bad remake of the 1989 Weekend at Bernie's movie.  Instead of enjoying her golden years in retirement, Ginsburg has been propped up and hidden in the hopes of holding the seat until a Democrat is elected.

The always elegant Michael Moore, who previously placed a Ginsburg doll atop a Christmas tree, summed up the Democrat zeitgeist when he tweeted, "HOLYMOTHEROFRBG!! EVERYBODY, RIGHT THIS SECOND, JOIN A MOVEMENT, CAMPAIGN, GRASS ROOTS GROUP -WHATEVER - AND WORK NONSTOP BTWN RIGHT NOW & NOV 2020!"

The Left is already manning the barricades.  The resulting hearing will make the Brett Kavanaugh fiasco, a dark moment in U.S. history, look like a charming affair.  In the event that President Donald Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett, as many conservatives hope, this hearing will be a preview of the Apocalypse.

The rise of hatred on the Left, aided by years of persistent media bias and leftist propaganda, has created a rolling tidal wave of hate ready to crash on shore in violence.  The two most likely triggering events that would cause that crash are the re-election of President Trump and the next opening on the Supreme Court, particularly to fill Ginsburg's seat.  It's an increasingly good bet that the latter will come first.

The Democrats are telegraphing they will go scorched earth to fight Barrett, and Senator Chuck Schumer will appeal to President Trump to prevent her nomination.  Trump should politely decline.

There are a few reasons why Barrett generates so much fear and hatred among Democrats.

The first reason is the routine hatred liberals reserve for all conservative-minded minorities and women, particularly if they are also people of faith.  This is why Miguel Estrada's nomination to the federal bench was torpedoed in 2001, to prevent the possibility of a young Hispanic conservative rising to the Supreme Court.  It is why Sarah Palin was mocked so relentlessly and unfairly.  Any conservatives who challenge the liberal narrative demanding that minorities and women pledge fealty to liberal orthodoxy must be destroyed, lest other people start getting ideas.

Democrats also know they will have a more difficult time disqualifying Barrett and will have to reach deeper into their toxic playbook than saying she is a secret pedophile who likes gang rape and nice walks on the beach.

Barrett is also young, meaning she could be on the Court for decades.

For Democrats, these Supreme Court wars boil down to abortion, the issue that most excites their perverse passion.  It is a sad state of affairs when a major political party so champions the killing of the most vulnerable Americans as a mythical foundational right that they feel they must destroy anyone who could threaten this.  They also understand that the fragile Roe v. Wade decision is built on a non-existent foundation. 

Dianne Feinstein has already previewed a primary argument to be wielded against Barrett if she is nominated with Feinstein's "dogma lives loudly within you" comments in 2017.  Democrats will argue that, as a believing Catholic, Barrett is somehow not qualified to be on the Supreme Court, that real believing Christians, vice the Nancy Pelosi variety, are biased and can't interpret the Constitution. 

Besides being a slur against all people of faith, this is absurd.  The Constitution was written by people of faith for the purpose of governing a moral people, and there is nothing in the Constitution that is even remotely prohibitive of people of faith serving as judges. 

As John Adams presciently observed, "our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  But most people of faith recoil in horror at abortion, so Democrats are highly suspicious of faith-abiding Americans.  Democrats will then resort to ever more outrageous accusations, hoping something sticks.

While predicting presidential Supreme Court nominations is often a fool's game, I hope President Trump does nominate Barrett if given the opportunity, both because she would be a superb judge and because it would serve as the kind of illustrative moment this president is so gifted at creating.

Liberals will be unable to check their worst impulses, and Americans, a majority of whom identify as people of faith, will watch the Left descend upon this courageous woman like a screaming pack of banshees since, to borrow from Feinstein, the insanity lives loudly within them.  Also, it is blatantly unfair not to consider a person who is a woman and a Christian just because it offends liberal sensibilities.

Regardless, the nomination of any of the judges on the list produced by the Federalist Society will result in a liberal meltdown. 

What can we expect?

If and when the vacancy occurs, Democrats will first argue that any nomination should be put off until after the 2020 election.  Senator Mitch McConnell will reject this outright, since he is too smart to fall for this trap.  Failing at winning this argument, media-aided liberals will try to leverage it to argue for a more palatable (liberal) nominee in the interest of compromise, which will be rejected.

Once the nomination is made, the Left will go to war.

Mobs will gather outside the homes of targeted Republican senators to intimidate and threaten them and their family members.  Death threats will become ubiquitous background noise.  Just imagine the recent protest outside McConnell's house when a participant cheerily threatened to stab him through the heart.  Now multiply that evil intensity by a thousand.

Liberals will fiercely target any Republican senator who is viewed as wobbly, socially liberal, or from a blue state.  Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, and Mitt Romney will all be targeted, as will others, in the hope of flipping four Republicans.

Antifa-style violence is likely to break into the streets.  We are fast approaching the moment in history where some Supreme Court justices and their families will need as much protection as what is afforded the president.

Former Obama official David Axelrod warned that a SCOTUS vacancy "will tear this country apart."  Whose fault is that?  Democrats have always been the aggressors in the judicial wars.  Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3.  Sonia Sotomayor: 68-31.  Elena Kagan: 63-37.  While Axelrod knows his political tribe all too well, Republicans should stand strong against intimidation and violence.

The entire leftstream media will blanket the airwaves and papers with around-the-clock condemnation of the nominee as being out of the mainstream, joined by academia and the entertainment industry.  They will justify every outrage as part of the resistance, a euphemism to cover all evil acts. 

Republicans must expect this and be prepared for the coming fight.  No matter how bad they think it will get, it will be worse.  But, if Republicans stand together, victory is assured.

Liberal anger and hatred have been building toward this moment.  All that is left is to wait for the right event to light the fuse.  That may be coming soon.

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