CNN's McCabe Hire Says a Lot about Our Justice System

What does the hiring by CNN of disgraced former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe have to do with the anticipated inspector general report by Michael Horowitz and the Barr-Durham investigation?

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton openly laughed when it was suggested that she might be facing charges under the espionage act, 18 U.S. Code 793, stemming from her establishing an illegal private server and the mishandling of classified documents.  James Comey had the chutzpah to publish a memoir and attack President Trump while going on his book tour.  All this amid numerous allegations into his lying about and approving a falsified submission to the FISA Court and leaking information to the press.  Both Clinton and Comey were confident and comfortable acting this way because they knew something about the shape of the U.S. justice system that a majority of Americans would rather not believe.

Even though the FBI fired former deputy director Andrew McCabe for "lack of candor," one of the single worst charges that can be made against a member of the bureau, and even though McCabe may face charges by the DOJ, CNN hired him as a commentator.  To consummate such a widely publicized hiring, by a news agency with someone believed to have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the federal prison system, one of two things is going on with the folks behind the scenes at CNN.  Either CNN has wholly forgotten the credibility problems and legal peril McCabe faces, or it has an insight about the upcoming investigation outcomes and lack of justice in America, as Hillary and Comey have. 

In the post-war 1946 movie A Walk in the Sun, an American platoon fighting in Italy had a favorite expression: "Nobody dies."  If there were a film involving what happens to today's leftist politicians after getting caught red-handed in criminal activity, the line would be "Nobody goes to jail."  Because no one does.  With Hillary Clinton's private server, it was the worst case of justice turned on its head as five individuals involved in the crime of obstruction, whether they used BleachBit or hammers or ignored subpoenas, were given immunity agreements from the prosecution in return for...nothing.  The equivalent in the Barr FISA Court investigation would be if Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Steele, and Mueller were all given immunity agreements for anything related to Trump Russia collusion and the FISA Court application in return for nothing.  How would that affect the soundness of the investigation and the confidence of the American people?

McCabe is the canary in the coal mine.  Based on his future employment with CNN, all is looking well for the other conspirators in the failed coup attempt.  This is in no way a prejudgment of the integrity of Attorney General William Barr or his chosen prosecutor, John Durham, but the McCabe hiring by CNN may be a glimpse into the future results of the Horowitz report and the Barr-Durham investigation.   All indications point to the fact that Durham is a no-nonsense truth-seeker and Barr a man with a passion for the rule of law, but even they know that if actual justice were to be handed out in the manner that it should, the country would be torn apart. 

We must never forget that the conspirators had to receive approval from someone before going forward with the coup attempt against Trump.  That someone is former president Barack Obama.  For any of the coup conspirators to face actual justice would mean that the DOJ would take one giant step closer to investigating and indicting a former president, which must never and will never happen.  So the same folks who brought you the investigations into Benghazi, Fast and Furious, The IRS, and Hillary's private email server crime will add another show to the fall season, with perhaps better optics and arguments but the same results: no indictments. 

Disappointment in the crooked justice system will be the rule of the day when all is said and done.  This latest, albeit biggest, scandal to go unpunished will have been foretold by McCabe's hiring.  The sense of anger and frustration that many Americans have had to endure over the past ten years will start again as the average citizen realizes that he would be spending the rest of his natural life behind bars if he had committed the same offenses perpetrated by the lawless crew from the Obama-era Justice Department and FBI. 

Yes, the FBI and the DOJ acted outside the limits of the law.  Yes, American citizens were spied upon, and courts were lied to, and yes, there appears to have been an organized plan to overthrow a duly elected sitting president of the United States, but they have already received immunity, or they didn't intend to do it or whatever else needs to be said.  As long as the concluding words "We need to move forward," "It's now time for the country to heal" are uttered without accountability, the country will quickly experience a temporary respite before the next new scandal takes center stage.

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