What Would Colleges be Like If SATs Were the Sole Admission Criterion?

Many bar and dorm room conversations probably have centered on what colleges would look like if SAT scores were the sole criteria for admission. People have had their suspicions and cite anecdotal observations but now Georgetown University has quantitatively answered the question as least as far as elite universities go. Anyone with a passing awareness of today's college admission policies knows that the student makeup would change if academics were the sole criteria. How much they would change is the question. As to whether using just SAT scores -- i.e. academic performance -- is good or bad is another matter. Back to the Georgetown report. Healy Hall at Georgetown University (photo credit: Gtwonsfs) It claims the percentage of blacks and Hispanics would fall sharply from 19 percent to 11 percent. The whites student population would rise from 66 percent to 77 percent.  And surprisingly, Asian students would fall from 11 percent to 10...(Read Full Article)
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