Welcome to the Democrat Freak Show

The Democrats' working families, small business growth, and national security plan is as follows: raise our taxes; abolish private-pay health insurance; take our guns; regulate our industries out of existence; take what's left of our salaries to pay for slavery reparations and abortions for men; exploit our youths into Vlad Lenin idol-worshiping Redcoat Hitler Youth; and open our borders indefinitely, suborning illegal aliens to break laws without consequences.  Oh, and don't forget the "free" health care for illegal aliens! There are "Truman Show" narratives, and there's reality.  What was heard on the stages of the first two Democrat 2020 "debates" was the antithesis of what the majority of Americans in the majority of states want: nationalism and strong state sovereignty, fewer taxes and less government spending, guaranteed constitutional rights upheld by our courts and lawmakers, and good ol' common...(Read Full Article)
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