The Problem with Treating Children as Adults

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the "Green New Deal," Kamala Harris has a plan to offer discounted housing loans based on race, and Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke wants to take down the southern border to make America a better place.  The methods of just these three Democrats would not only destroy the transportation, real estate, and most of America's farming and agriculture industries, but seriously jeopardize America's ability to defend itself from nearly every hostile nation on the planet.  Children are impulsive, inexperienced, and naive, and that's why The United States does not allow children to run for President. But it's exactly what Americans should expect from the self-centered, immature children leading the House or running for the Democratic nomination.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks it would be a great idea to allow 16-year-olds to vote.  Why stop at 16 -- why not 14 or 9? Liberals have always thought since children are innocent, they should be running the country and with the insanity coming out of the new Leftist Democrat party, they damn near are.

Imagine the world's most powerful nation taking advice and direction from children attending P.S. 101's 2nd-grade class. Sounds insane, but that is precisely what we are doing listening to the lunatics of the Left which includes every Democrat running for President. People pretending to be adults, wearing adult clothes, using adult words, but are hopelessly trapped with the immature mindset of children -- free education for everyone, free healthcare for everyone, free free free.  The Democrats have become an embarrassment, but somehow they don't see it.

For one, actual adults choose to grow and learn by asking themselves as well as other people around them tough questions that demand tough and sometimes uncomfortable answers. With immature children, the responses they receive must always be predictable and safe where good and evil are easily separated and identifiable.  What matters to a child's mind is a reliable, black-and-white answer.  And this is what we get with leftist propaganda networks and politicians, except we must also add misleading, deceptive, and dishonest to the mix in the way in which the question is asked.

Let's take a look at two typical questions we hear over and over again on the propaganda news networks while we remember that semantics is a central ingredient in how the left outright lies or muddies the water to confuse.  For example, the Left continuously asks individuals if they believe in climate change or if climate change is real?  Who would answer no?  Everyone knows the climate changes. The climate always changes.  But the Left attaches hidden meaning to what at first appears to be an innocent question.  There are no honest questions when dealing with the Left, because the Left manipulates the questions and only tolerates their acceptable answers. So when they ask a question such as "Is climate change real?" They infer but never verbalize the phrase, "caused by man." 

They do this to create false statistics so that in the future they can say that X number of people answered yes when asked if they believe in climate change even though the question itself was misleading and masking a much more complex issue inside.  

How would an adult ask the same question in a more honest and forthright manner?  How about, do you believe man is a cause for the changes in climate and if so, to what extent do you think man's actions have on those changes?  You'd be waiting for a vast difference in weather causing hell to freeze over before you'd hear an honest, adult question like that on CNN. 

Another purposely misleading question leftists are famous for is when they ask individuals if they believe children should be locked in cages.  Again, who would answer, yes? 

And again, they infer that children are locked in cages by children-hating, racist United States Border Patrol agents.  However, when examined, it has been shown that children are not held in cages, although they are detained in a location away from the adults who have been arrested at the border.  

What would adults ask?  How about, should children be separated from their parents when their parents have been arrested for illegally entering the country in the same way that children of U.S. citizen parents are when they are arrested? If not, where should all children go when their parents, illegal or not, have been arrested? These are more complex questions that children and likewise, the left, are not capable of asking.  

When a child does not get the desired toy, they respond by having a temper tantrum, where they scream, stomp their feet and sometimes say some very hurtful words. The Left has been having an extended temper tantrum since November 2016 and shows no signs of letting up.  Instead of stomping their feet, Leftists print fake news articles unjustly accusing the President of all sorts of outrageous behavior.  Instead of holding their breath, leftists try to harm themselves by creating things like sanctuary cities and voting for free medical for illegal aliens. And instead of turning red and screaming, leftists dress in black and put on black hoods, beat up senior citizens and burn the American flag. Spoiled self-centered children, every one of them; and Republicans, as well as many citizens, have been wasting time trying to compromise with five-year-olds. It's past due for adults to take back control and say, "enough!"  

So what would adults do?  First, build the wall and secure the southern border. Second, abolish through legislation or withholding federal dollars the reality of sanctuary cities, which is just another term for secession, and third, refuse by any legal, nonviolent means available, taxation to provide free healthcare or education to non-citizens.  Self-hating, ignorant children do not and have never represented the values of the greatest nation on earth. Let's keep it that way.

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