The Morning They Beheaded The Drug Smugglers: It Wasn’t Pretty, Believe Me

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 9:50 A. M., Tuesday, August 31, 1999. “They will kill four today,” one Saudi in the crowd said.  “No, fifteen,” said another. “You’re all wrong,” said one of the dozens of soldiers deployed around the parking lot of the city’s central mosque where the executions take place. “They will kill eight. They killed eight last Tuesday, and two more on Friday. And today is Tuesday, and they will kill eight again.” The method of execution is decreed in the Qu’ ran: beheading by sword. Saudi Arabia is the only nation that regularly beheads offenders. The flag of Saudi Arabia National symbol of Saudi Arabia. Notice a theme? I’m the only Westerner in the crowd. I'd arrived early with my Saudi military friend, Tariq, and I got a choice spot in the front row overlooking the platform where eight people would soon die. “We need these executions,” Tariq insists....(Read Full Article)
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