The American Left's Army of Dupes

Since the 8th of November 2016, all those that voted for Donald Trump or supported his candidacy have been gratuitously identified as Nazis, Fascists or white supremacists by the hierarchy of the American Left and the verdict dutifully regurgitated on a near daily basis by oblivious rank and file leftists.  Further, not only are those who voted for Trump fascists and racists, but the slogan “Make America Great Again” on a red baseball cap is the new swastika and emblematic of racial supremacy per Nazi dogma.  Anyone wearing this hat, as the teen-agers of Covington Catholic High School discovered, is therefore a racist Nazi sympathizer pledging their allegiance to the new Fuhrer: Donald Trump. 

Having been brainwashed by segments of the education and entertainment establishment into believing the United States is an evil nation with an equally evil past, a gullible segment of society is susceptible to the demagoguery that has succeeded in creating legions of mind-numbed robotic machines repeating ad nauseum these talking points.  They not only regurgitate these talking points, but too many consider it a sacred duty to volunteer and join a new crusade, known as Antifa, to defeat, by any means necessary, the hordes of fascists currently running amok throughout the nation.

With Donald Trump in the White House, the hierarchy of the American Left can easily mobilize its army of brain-dead foot soldiers as well as much of the media and Hollywood.  However, these same elites are incapable of generating an original thought or concept and instead can only spew theories and utopian promises from the failed and discredited Marxist playbook while employing the same tactics used by Adolf Hitler to permanently obliterate any opposition.  

I have watched the radical evolution of the Left over the past 25 years with quite a bit of trepidation.  Today, I and many others are incensed and fed up with seeing 63+ million of our neighbors and fellow countrymen, whether white, black or brown, who may be small business men or women, factory workers, farmers, union members or laborers being compared to Nazis or white supremacists. 

We have been infuriated that Donald Trump, who exhibits no overt totalitarian tendencies and has been determined, in the face of brutal and unethical opposition, to fulfill his campaign promises, has been constantly, and with malice aforethought, compared to Hitler or Stalin.  Two of the most brutal and murderous despots in history.  Thus, belittling the suffering and death of countless millions at their hands.

(Photo credit: mathiaswasik)

We seethed as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow congressional radicals recently compared the detention centers holding illegal immigrants to Nazi concentration camps wherein millions were wantonly slaughtered.  We have had to read and listen to many supposed educated members of the mainstream media and academia not only defend but promote her and her fellow travelers’ unrestrained and near illiterate demagoguery.

Many of us reached the boiling point the week of the Fourth of July as we saw once again the haunting images of the Brown Shirt mobs utilized by the Nazis in the 1930’s to intimidate and brutalize any opposition.  Except this time, it was the immature and brain-dead militia of the left, Antifa, in Portland and Washington, D.C. physically attack journalists and peaceful citizens for expressing their political views while the mainstream media silently cheered them on as they have done since November of 2016.  To add insult to injury, on the Fourth of July, the anniversary of the founding of the nation that saved the world and countless millions from Nazism and Fascism, their fellow travelers gathered together to burn American flags and riot in front of the White House. 

To all of you on the Left, in particular the mind-numbed acolytes unwittingly doing the bidding of the left wing elites, and whose only knowledge of Nazis are as imaginary cartoon characters in a movie or a video game (or someone wearing a MAGA hat): there are those among you who have experienced firsthand the tyranny of Nazism, Fascism and racial supremacy.

It has been nearly 75 years since I first remember seeing the Nazi Swastika.  It was on the armband of a man who had been shot and killed after he had summarily executed two men and a woman he was holding captive while cornered by several Allied soldiers.  The war was nearly over and there were many former SS officers and guards on the loose trying to avoid capture.  Hiding in the shadows of a partially-destroyed building, I watched as this brainwashed creature, forged out of loyalty to an authoritarian left-wing cause, calmly pulled the armband out of his pocket, put it on, and with no apprehension or remorse placed a pistol at the back of the head of each of the innocent refugees he was holding hostage and fired point blank.  Soon after, a volley of bullets tore into him leaving him a lifeless mass of flesh and bones.

This is who the left has the audacity and arrogance to compare to my fellow citizens who support or voted for Donald Trump.  They are beyond despicable.  As for playing the white supremacist card: there are fewer than one hundred fifty thousand hard core white supremacists in the United States out of a population of 330 million (or .04%).  Those insignificant few that may fly Nazi flags and sport the swastika armband are ignorant and juvenile admirers of a symbol that represents a period and an environment which these buffoons do not understand nor would have had the fortitude to survive.

However, hidden behind this loathsome language and tactics is the socialist megalomania that the hierarchy of the left is attempting to foist upon this nation with the unwitting help of their propagandized foot soldiers.

Anyone who has lived through or survived the consequences of a despotic regime is aware of certain self-evident truths. 

1) It is the gullible indoctrinated foot soldier that is instrumental in launching authoritarians into power and the first segment of that society to be marginalized. 

2) Whether it was Russia, Italy, Germany, Cuba or Venezuela, the populace of these and other nations were hoodwinked into believing potential megalomaniacs or tyrants and their utopian promises, as embedded in Marxian Socialism, that could never and were never kept. 

3)  Once in power, only an outside military intervention or revolution could overthrow the ruling party. 

4) The many faces of Socialism, such as Marxism, Fascism, Nazism or Communism are nothing more than contrived utopian bribery schemes.  Schemes utilized by those with megalomaniacal or ruthless inclinations to permanently entrench themselves at the helm of a nation’s ruling structure as they restructure and transform that society.

The hierarchy of the left in America today may euphemistically refer to their brand of socialism as Democratic Socialism and emphasize their unattainable benevolence, but their end game is the same with the exception of an authoritarian oligarchy in control instead of a tyrannical dictator.

This hierarchy, and potential oligarchy, is made up of a large component of tenured academics at America’s universities; major financial supporters of left-wing causes; a significant segment of management at the mainstream media; many dominant producers and executives in the entertainment establishment; numerous Democratic Party elected headliners; and the titans of Silicon Valley. 

Meanwhile, all of you in the rank and file left need to grow up, focus on developing the cognitive ability to reason and generate an original thought and leave behind the infantile Nazi, Fascist and white supremacist name-calling as well as infatuation with Marxist Socialism which only benefits those in the hierarchy of your movement who couldn’t care less about you except to view you as useful idiots.

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