Pity the Geldings in Pelosi’s House Democrat Caucus

Let’s join together in pity for the geldings.  These are the 146 male members of the House Democratic caucus who don’t have enough courage to challenge the four poorly-behaved female reincarnations of Che Guevara and Karl Marx that have taken over their party.

The paranoid hysteria and rapidly intensifying Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) following 2016 led to the election of a number of hyper-radical Congress members in 2018.  In the 2018 primary elections, 48 House candidates identified with the Democratic Socialists of America(DSA).  Ten were actually elected and caucus with the Democrats.  Two are members of the so-called Squad that is now steering the Democratic Party.

The Squad has become the public face of Socialism in America. The Squad’s members bring no significant prior accomplishments and little relevant experience to the job of governance.  Two are Muslims who, not unexpectedly, are vocally anti-Semitic and have questioned Israel’s right to even exist.  All espouse a laundry list of social justice and socialistic causes and none has the slightest idea how these might be implemented other than by confiscating other people’s money.  They are loud, brash and disrespectful of everything American.  Anyone who disagrees with them is racist, homophobic, islamophobic or some other phobic.  In other words, the Squad fits the Democratic mantra perfectly.  The mainstream media is in love with the socialist utterings and disrespect of the Squad because it is consistent with the MSM mentality and produces great soundbites -- all show and no substance.  That’s what the MSM is all about.  

The drumbeat of socialism plays directly into the emergence of the twenty-plus candidate unreality show that is otherwise known as the Democratic Primary field.  The candidates are all far-left liberals of one flavor or another (yes, even Biden.)  The candidates see the press that the Squad garners and interpret that as where they need to be to get their own media coverage to win the primary.  The quest for media space is a large part of what is driving the candidates to fall all over themselves to “out left” their opponents.

Examples of the socialist agenda of the Democratic candidates include socialist daydreams such as the nation-destroying Green New Deal, the economy-wrecking Medicare for all, the ill-conceived elimination of student loan debt and free college, all manner of unaffordable wage and rent subsidies and the granddaddy of them all, open borders.

The Democratic candidates are playing to what they perceive as their audience.  The audience consists largely of the MSM and coastal elites.  The rest of the audience are not Americans.  For example, their proposal to eliminate private health insurance for Americans and, instead, provide free healthcare and other benefits to tens of millions of illegal aliens is a bald-faced play to buy a vote bank.  The media love it; the hordes of illegal immigrants in this country and those waiting in Mexico love it.  Main stream Americans do not.  A recent Rasmussen survey reported that 48 percent of likely voters see the Democratic candidates as very liberal and even extreme.  The same survey found 43 percent of Democrats believe that the candidates are too far left.  Forty nine percent of Independents believe that the candidate’s agendas are extreme.

It seems reasonable to think that disaffected Democrats and many Independents who find the Democratic agenda extreme may well look at the success President Trump is having and vote Republican.  The extreme left response to this has been, and will continue to be, to attempt to define anyone they don’t like as hate-filled, racist, xenophobic, homophobic or Islamophobic.  Their message is “If you vote for President Trump, you are complicit in spreading hate and oppression.”  They are saying that if people do not agree with them, they must go away or they will be forcibly silenced.  Hello, 1984.  George Orwell was right.

The problem for the Democrat Party is that the Democrat candidates are speaking to an audience imagined by the MSM, not to those who will actually vote in 2020.

A May survey by Rasmussen found that the most important issue to voters is illegal immigration.  The Democrats support illegal immigration and President Trump vows to stop it.  How will that work out at the polls?  The same poll determined that healthcare was the second-most important issue.  Voters want good and affordable healthcare but they do not want what the Democrats are proposing.  Most of the top line issues being discussed by the Democrats barely even register in the polls.

The Democrats do not acknowledge that they are wrong about almost everything that interests American voters.  Instead, they are pushed ever leftward by the Squad and their fellow socialists.  The Democratic leadership, and particularly the majority males in the Democratic caucus, seem intimidated and emasculated by this loudmouthed group of four freshmen legislators.  Their inability to prevent the leftward slide of the Democratic Party is pitiful. Let’s hope that they continue to be subservient to the increasingly radical agenda of the Squad.  Hope they continue to allow their party to careen leftward.  Hope that the result of the Democratic primary is a far-left candidate.  This will assure that America wins in November by re-electing Donald Trump.  Ironically, it is the Democratic geldings who will assure that we keep America great.

Graphic credit: dems.gov

Dave Ball is the author of conservative political commentary, a guest on political talk shows, an elected official and a county party official.