Is Trump's Pandering to the LGBTQ Crowd a Political Ploy?

President Trump knows better than to pander to the LGBTQ crowd, but listening to advisers, he has chosen to throw the homosexual lobby a bone, not realizing they will never be satisfied.  They are not interested in a "bone"; they want to chomp on the hand that threw it.  Anyone with his ear to the ground, his eye on the ball, and half his brain tied behind his back knows that the LGBTQ crowd consists primarily of national bullies, brutes, and bigots.  Trump will never be able to satisfy that crowd since they will be satisfied only when the debate is shut down, and no one has the courage or opportunity or legal right to question them about their unhealthy, unnatural, and unwise practices.

Yet, in light of the above facts, President Trump, surely with fingers crossed and his tongue placed firmly in cheek, declared, "As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions that LGBT people have made to our great Nation, let us also stand in solidarity with the many LGBT people who live in dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation.  My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invites all nations to join us in this effort!"

Therefore, we now have national acceptance of perversion as well as popular support, and "people of goodwill" are attempting to make perversion universally accepted!

Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen in their 1989 book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the '90s, gave specific instructions how homosexuality could be mainstreamed.  "Gays must be cast as victims in need of protection."  Even if they are not the victim, they should pretend to be the victim.  They were told to keep talking about "gayness" and make themselves look good and critics very bad.  Stupid people have complied, and a sea change has taken place.  Wrong is now right, bad is now good, and corrupt is now correct.

Trump is listening to the wrong advisers.  Isaiah will serve him better than any of his staff.  He had better remember Isaiah 5:20: "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil."  Trump and others can promote evil but they will all be held to an account.  Modern man does not want to hear a difficult truth, but it is better to be disturbed by the truth than deceived by error.  Those who defend perversion are out of step with God, decency, history, and common sense.

Christians and informed conservatives are aghast at Trump's support of the homosexual lobby, who hate him with a white heat.  Moreover, he does not need that vote to win in 2020.  All he has to do is continue to keep his promises and build a substantial part of the wall.

No reporter had the courage to ask, "Mr. President, will you please provide three of the 'outstanding contributions' the LGBTQ (caution: very offensive video) crowd has made to America?"  That question will not be asked, and I'm considered a bigot for stressing that failure of all mainstream journalists.

Even in light of the incredible public acceptance of homosexuality, the pro-family conservatives have won the intellectual battle dealing with the LGBTQ crowd but are losing the public relations battle.  The homosexual lobby has been deficient, dishonest, and defeated in the major disputes in this quagmire.  Informed people know that homosexuals were not "born that way"; that they can be converted to normal living; that many of them do recruit; that homosexual behavior spreads disease; that homosexual behavior is associated with use of illegal drugs; that they die much younger than normal people do; and that they are adding to the destruction of our health care system.

There is no argument that Conservative Christians have won the intellectual battle.  Homosexuals are left with one arrow in their quiver: anyone who criticizes them or even questions their lifestyle is a bigot and hater.  In that, the homosexual lobby have been very successful.  They have made the issue one of "hate," not of science, health, and morality.  And the media and public are too uninformed to know they have been conned by the LGBTQ crowd.

Anyone familiar with logic or philosophy understands that a person's motives have nothing to do with the reality of his assertions.  However, homosexuals refuse to deal with the issue.  They concentrate on vilifying their opponents.  That way, they are less embarrassed by their inability to speak to the issue.

The LGBTQ crowd, while small, is powerful and has a large crowd of useful idiots who will jump when ordered, march when told to do so, throw a purse or shoe, cry on camera, and scream on cue.  Furthermore, Trump has a sordid past of affairs (I hope they are all in the past), so he cannot legitimately discuss sexual turpitude without inviting deserved accusations of hypocrisy.

I suggest that there is an administration plan to deal with the homosexual lobby and limit their influence on the next election.  Trump will support homosexual rights around the world while Vice President Pence speaks out for pro-family positions, even being lightly critical of perversion.  In taking that approach, Trump throws a bone (again) to everyone.  This ploy is convincing because Trump has a despicable past, yet individual Evangelicals justified their vote for him by claiming that Mike Pence is a conservative, Evangelical Christian.

I know that's true because that's how I justified my vote for Trump, along with my revulsion at voting for Hillary.

Trump is hoping homosexuals will say, "Well, he is the most friendly president to the LGBTQ crowd, so maybe he will come along with time."  No, they will not say that because they detest Republicans, conservatives, free enterprise, family values, and an America-first agenda. 

A nation's ruling government has the primary responsibility of keeping citizens safe from aggressors and terrorists abroad and anarchist, traitors, and fifth columns within.  These dangerous people are assisted in their treason by the very constitution they seek to destroy.  Added to the above, there is now the threat of our nation being destroyed by open borders.  Open borders encourage terrorists, invite devastating diseases, increase Democrat voters, and will financially destroy America.

Homosexuality should not be encouraged for many devastating reasons.  Previous U.S. presidents have all been abject failures in this area.  Beginning with and including Reagan, no president or his surgeon general has been willing to go on record about the dangers of perversion.  All have said, "Stop gaining weight!"  "Stop using illegal drugs!"  "Stop smoking!"  But no one has been willing to say, "Stop your fornication and anal sodomy!"  Had they done so, we might not have a population of disease-carriers.

The Centers for Disease Control reported in August of 2018, "New CDC analysis shows steep and sustained increases in STDs in recent years!"  The report revealed almost 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed in the United States in 2017, marking the fourth consecutive year of sharp increases in these sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)!  Gonorrhea diagnoses increased 67 percent overall from 333,004 to 555,608 cases.  That's in one year.

Obviously, there is a high cost to low living, and President Trump is promoting such activity by supporting homosexuality.  Sexual permissiveness has spread across America and the world like a malignant cancer, leaving in its wake blasted lives, broken hearts, and blighted bodies, and the official U.S. government position is to encourage perversion worldwide.

At the rate America is decaying morally, the next president may have to change our national symbol from eagle to buzzard.  If God does not judge America, some impertinent people will assume He will apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Trump, in supporting the LGBTQ crowd, has climbed out on a high limb and handed his enemies a saw.  I hope they are too stupid to use it.

Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for eight years.  Boys authored 18 books, the most recent Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning!  EBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at  Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D. and visit his blog.