Is America Still the Land of the Free?

Independence Day is a now a day that has no real meaning for far too many Americans.  Nearly half the nation works tirelessly to destroy our republic and the principles it was founded upon, and the rest of us can barely believe that some who want to lead the nation, Democrat communists and Republican globalists (RINOs), hold a vision that would reduce us all to serfs serving the government rather than the government serving the will of the people.  A good portion of both sides simply want a barbecue and a good time.

America's domestic enemies see state power as paramount over individual liberty.  Unless America's youths start standing up and remembering how much blood was shed for their freedom and the rights they so casually abuse as they trash America in so many ways, from their anti-American speeches to their attempts to destroy the basis of America and our Judeo-Christian principles, everyone, my children and grandchildren and yours, too, faces dangerous times ahead. 

Anyone who listened to presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren share her horror over states making gains in halting abortion understands that true liberty and individual rights, even states' rights, mean nothing to the Democrats.  As reported by Emma Green on June 26 for The Atlantic, Warren called for a federal law that codifies Roe v. Wade, with the certain knowledge that the federal government's treasury would be used to coerce states to fall in line, as has been done regarding so many other federal laws.  

Think you're "free"?  Try not paying excessive taxes.  We recall that the War of Independence was fought in part due to the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Tea Act of 1773 and three pennies added to the cost of a pound of tea. 

Even though you are an adult, responsible for your own choices concerning your safety, try not fastening your seat belt as you cruise down the highway on a sunny Saturday drive.

America is already well on its way to being a socialist country, if not an authoritarian fascist state, noted by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to be "corporatism" and the "merger of corporate and state power."  Think of "too big to fail," Bear Stearns and American International Group, and the 2008 economic collapse and today's Big Tech subsidies.

Today, far too many Americans have come to see government as their "rescuer" in their longing to have every need met by someone else.  They expect government to solve all their problems, and that's a real problem, since everything the government "gives" us exacts a price from our individual liberty, not to mention that D.C. draws sociopaths to it like a pile of cow manure draws flies.

All of the socialists' policies in education and health care would still do nothing to reform the patent idiocies of the gender studies departments and the current misinterpretation and application of Title IX that infringes on heterosexual rights, not to mention the misery that would follow the Equality Act if it passes. 

One must also fully understand that governments, especially under Obama and even under President Trump, always move in a direction of more control, as noted by former U.S. attorney Joseph DiGenova.  Just look at the politicization of the FBI and the DOJ and the passage of the FISA reauthorization, bump stock regulation, and various new bill proposals.  Given enough time, governments always create a state of despotism, and historically, governments never voluntarily reverse their level of control and introduce greater liberty. 

Although the number is disputed by some, even President Ronald Reagan once noted that there are roughly 20,000 laws regarding gun control alone, and that's just the federal illegitimate "laws."  So many other "laws" exist that it's been estimated that the average American commits approximately three felonies each day.  This makes the authorities' task simple if for any reason they wish to victimize you.  Just ask the Bundy Family, Hammond Father and Son, LaVoy Finicum's Family, Lt. General Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen and a few others. 

Thomas Jefferson once stated: "Even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny."  

Too large a segment of America no longer cares for individualism, free markets, personal freedom, and free minds.  In fact, they now mock the very virtues America was founded upon.  They may have some ill formed, nebulous notion of ethics that they borrowed from the Boy Scouts, but they basically assert that socialism and communism are as good as capitalism, while their reigning philosophy is a mixture of Marxism, identity politics, anti-male feminism, and anti-white racism.

The institutional damage along the way has been epic, and the scene today is a debris field of broken ideas that strayed far and away from the Founding Principles.  The far left still advocates the failed Marxist vision as having national support and purpose, as these leftists rush to implement and organize a chaotic demolition of pretty rigorous American values and traditions and even historic monuments and paintings, in their insane desire to eradicate our republic, a country that still may be the "home of the brave" but is now barely recognizable as the "land of the free."  

As the Founders spin in their graves, America is now rapidly nearing the point of the ultimate inversion, where the government is free to do anything it pleases and our individual liberty is suppressed and we must bow to the altar of the state and beg permission to act.  This is the stage of the darkest times of human history, the stage of total dominance and rule by violence and brute force.  

Is it too late to restore and save our beloved America?  Nothing is ever too late if it serves a righteous cause.  I defy anyone to name any better causes for us to firmly stand together and defend than our God-given rights, the Bill of Rights, and individual liberty in America, even if it takes patriotic Americans into our streets and temporarily creates massive civil strife.  We've been there before. 

God help America if the Democrats take the majority in the Congress and the Oval Office anytime in the near future and implement a more stringent and authoritarian form of the morally corrupt, economy-destroying, and de-civilizing ideology of socialism and the sick social system it embodies.  Their system must be exposed for all the obnoxious, abhorrent, and hellacious ideas it represents.  

A certain chapter in American history is closing, and the future of America and freedom is at risk.  Those of us who love freedom and liberty and America must grab hold of the moment to seize the 21st century for our children's children and their children and generations beyond to ensure their economic prosperity.