Democrats, Transsexuals, and Women's Sports

The gradual subversion of women’s sports by the LGBTQ movement could receive a steroidal-like boost with a victory by Democrats in the 2020 elections. All Democratic presidential candidates have pledged their support for the Equality Act, which declares one’s sex to be whatever he or she self-identifies as, regardless of the “designated sex at birth.”

House Democrats voted overwhelmingly in May to approve the measure. Joe Biden says getting the act passed would be his top legislative priority. Critics say it could devastate girl’s and women’s sports.

It comes down to a numbers game. Transgenders are just now coming out, much as gays came out 40 years ago. Yet even the first-outs -- not necessarily representative of the number or the prowess of those who are about to emerge -- are already making a noticeable impact, and success plus publicity breeds successors. 

Trans athletes have won competitions this year in most sports and at all levels. In May, CeCe Telfer became the first publicly-known trans athlete to be an NCAA track and field champion.

The Equality Act would invite even greater trans (and fake trans) participation and permit easier dominance over females by removing any barriers to competition, likely including testosterone limits or hormone therapy.

Ironically, the left desperately wants to curtail the dominance of males in society, but this act could soon return the biological male to supremacy in all sports. For women, after 50 years of work and struggle, it’s back under the thumb of the male psyche, dysphoric though it may be.

They have only themselves to blame. Women have always been loyal and enthusiastic allies -- or at the least silent dissenters -- of the LGBTQ agenda. That includes the Equality Act. They frequently boast they are on the right side of history. 

In fact they’re on the left, where things are never what they seem and consequences are lied about, ignored, or completely unknown.

If Democrats are successful, federal law and its disciplinary bureaucracy would make any resistance essentially futile, and costly. The LPGA changed its rules after one lawsuit. How many schools and organizations can withstand exorbitant legal fees, or endure the sadistic and inevitable public shaming?

The woke media dutifully act as LGBTQ’s speech narcs and concealers. 

When Fox anchor Shannon Bream recently referred to a transgender as a “biological male, now identifying as female,” Mediamatters smeared her as a “serial” misgenderer (the new sin and silencer of the unwoke). Her words were a “form of harassment that stigmatizes trans people and goes against widely-held journalistic standards.”

Ignoring whether journalistic standards even exist anymore -- and whether alt-left groups like Mediamatters would tolerate them if they did -- what are “trans people” other than people who identify as their opposite biological gender?

If transgender is a valid gender identity, why must transgenders be treated as biological females? Why is female a fungible category?

To enforce their way, the thought police have made the word transgender itself verboten. Try finding it in sportscasts, or stories about Telfer or any other successful trans athlete. As the ACLU wrote in a statement supporting trans athletes, “Transgender girls are girls and transgender women are women.” Even suggest transgenderism and be Breamed. A British woman was arrested for calling a trans woman a man online.

Consider 6’ 9 ‘ Brittney Griner, who was just named to the WNBA all-star starting team. While at Baylor she led the Bears to a national basketball championship and holds a slew of records and awards.

Yet Griner’s lengthy Wikipedia page (and any reporting about her) says nothing about her switched gender. Writers sneak her into the LGBTQ community not because she’s transgender but because she’s come out as a lesbian. That is, she’s a biological male who likes biological women -- which to the left makes both of them lesbians though neither may be. (Griner’s ex-wife, fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson, reportedly began dating a man shortly after her split from Griner.)

Such identity theft would be declared cultural appropriation if it involved anyone other than a leftist or an LGBTQ member. 

The left gets away with this gender imperialism by taking advantage of women’s natural non-assertiveness. The natural assertiveness of males, on the other hand, gets rewarded. They want to compete against the girls, or shower next to them, they get their way. Toxic masculinity survives even in denial. Surgery won't remove it.

Despite some female pushback, the fear of the walking dead woke and LGBTQ’s merciless trolls keeps most women quiet. 

So what’s a few defeats and shattered dreams of young girls? For every award won by a trans athletes there is a biological woman who won’t be a winner, who won’t carry the achievement of being a champion throughout her life. 

The effects of this sports takeover transcend the playing fields. We’re approaching a teachable moment in American culture. Women’s sports are immensely popular and important in the lives of millions of American females and their families. Democrats and the left are about to alienate a lot of people.

Ana Paula Henkel, a four-time Olympian for Brazil in volleyball and beach volleyball, wrote the Olympic committee in December that permitting transgenders to compete “represses, embarrasses, humiliates and excludes women.”

Leftists don’t care. Gender is fluid; dogma is not. Such are the rules in the women’s section of America’s new identity bazaar. Blinders in aisle 2; jockstraps in 3.

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