Bringing the Truth about Trump to Those Who Hate Him

Anti-Trumpers have a right to know the truth about President Trump, especially as he relates to every personal interest group — including but not limited to veterans, women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, disabled people, aborted people, and LGBTQIAs.

This article does not take a position on the substantive positions of President Trump;  this article just attempts to bring those positions to the attention of the people, so they can vote as they see fit based on who actually serves their personal interests.

This article will highlight a key consideration as to each group along with strategies to make sure these facts reach the people whose interests are most directly affected.

President Trump allegedly insulted all "gold star" military families by berating Khizr Khan.  The fact is that all that the president said about the family that was not complimentary is that he wondered why the deceased soldier's mother wasn't given a platform (as his hostile and disrespectful father was, whether or not he was honest in his allegations in the process).  So anyone who checks the transcript will find that not only didn't the president insult veterans, but he stood up for the rights of women to be heard.

In addition to the above, the president's construction company has a record of hiring a higher percentage of women to high positions better than virtually any other construction company.  This is a pocketbook issue and an empowerment issue.  So are the issues about working women that President Trump addressed through his most assertive and entrepreneurial daughter, Ivanka, most prominently at the Republican National Convention and beyond.

What the president says and does and did in his personal life regarding women does not affect the lives of women in general and 99.99% of America's women in particular.  As Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden has pointed out, those were different times.  Now Biden gets it.  So is it fair to give Biden a pass for his prior passes at women — and more — but not Trump for his prior comments about women and more?

This is all not to mention the current trend toward defining a person's sex based on how the person says he happens to feel that day.  This protects people who have trouble figuring out whether they are men or women (somewhat of a true minority), but it certainly harms the overwhelming majority of women — the women who care about the right to seek the protection of the law based on their sex, as well as the women who seek to participate in athletic events limited to women, who now will lose most of the time to men who decide to declare they feel like women and therefore are women for the purpose of entering and winning women's competitions.  President Trump clearly supports the traditional definition based on birth and biology and thereby would protect women from the current trend embraced so warmly by leftists and people who don't know their right from their left — or rather, their sex — period.

Blacks and Hispanics have lower unemployment than ever before, since records have been kept, and have opportunities to get jobs with higher minimum wages than ever before, so they have less of a need for food stamps than they had under President Obama, who seemed to measure his success by how many additional Americans became dependent on food stamps during his administration, compared to President Trump's measurement of how many people had no need for food stamps any longer because of their opportunities for actual jobs.

The president has been accused of mocking disabled people with certain hand gestures.  At a press conference, everybody present should be shown tapes of Trump mocking fully able-bodied people with whom he disagreed, such as Senator Ted Cruz, with similar hand gestures.

The president has been accused of discriminating against Muslims in his immigration policies aimed at limiting the immigration of terrorists to our country.  The press has basically ignored the fact that the countries he singled out for the ban were the exact same countries singled out by President Obama; they included two non-Muslim countries; and they excluded Indonesia, which has more Muslims than any other country in the world (over 225 million).

During even the most liberal period in American history — from President Franklin D. Roosevelt's administration through the beginning of the administration of President Obama (who purports to be a Christian, having regularly attended the church of Jeremiah Wright, of "God damn America" fame), the rights of LGBTQIAs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer/questioning, asexual, and many other terms, such as non-binary and pansexual) were protected (at least when kept private) without having the additional rights that come with "marriage" among such people, so President Trump is simply aligned with the views of liberal reformers such as Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Johnson and candidate Obama until the last switched positions during his presidency.  It is the Bible that refers to homosexual behavior as an abomination (or abhorrent) and that calls for the punishment of homosexual acts (Leviticus 20:13), not President Trump.  To criticize President Trump — who has not referred to homosexuals as abominable and who has not called for punishing homosexual acts — is to in effect equate him with the author of the Bible.  As arrogant as President Trump is, he has never claimed to be God or to have written the Bible.  To ascribe to Trump the authorship of the Bible is to treat him as a god, which I as a moderate citizen find personally offensive.

President Trump does not take an extreme position on abortion.  He personally favors the right to life with three notable exceptions — rape, incest, and when the health of the mother is threatened, thereby aligning himself with the views of President Reagan, who was re-elected president with the support of every state in the Union except for the one state of his opponent, which Reagan refrained from campaigning in, not to humiliate his opponent more than he was already humiliated by losing in all the other states.  By contrast, some Democrats go much farther to the other extreme, by favoring the murder of fetuses up to the time of birth and even of babies after birth.

Some "over-achieving" Asian-Americans (as Jews in the past) are being kept out of America's elite institutions because of those who advocate diversity — or favoritism based on wealth and influence.  President Trump has not advocated such restrictions.

Since the unemployment rate for all Americans as a whole has gone down and the stock market has gone up during the president's tenure, as has the minimum wage (although he can't claim credit for this last elevation), President Trump's tenure so far has benefited all minorities economically, as well as members of the silent — and vocal — majority.

The media generally deprive the minorities and the majority of knowledge of the above facts and additional relevant facts.  Here are some strategies to get around this conspiracy of silence and distortion:

  1. Convince the media to be fair.
  2. Publish a breakdown of President Trump's "lies," indicating how many of the "lies" are exaggerations, generalities, attempts at humor, relatively insignificant mistakes in numbers, and actual intentional mistakes that he has corrected.
  3. Encourage President Trump to be more clear when opposing "fake news," that he opposes only "news" that is fake and is most appreciative of the members of the press who are honest and fair.
  4. Since the press has largely distorted or ignored most of the points made in the first section of this article, the president must make sure that the press will report these points.  He can hold press conferences or official news briefings limited to making each of the points by itself, with nothing more, thereby forcing the members of the press to report these points, one press conference or news briefing at a time.
  5. The president should fortify his response with a video, when available, documenting what he actually said when confronted with topics as to which his positions have been distorted, so the viewers will be empowered to decide who is telling the truth.
  6. When the president at a press conference, or his spokesperson at a news briefing, is asked a question, the president or his spokesperson should be encouraged to reply, to the extent applicable, that he will answer the question after the reporter will retract or revoke any previous distortions written in the media represented by the questioner, or even the distortions explicit or implicit in the question.
  7. Treat diversity of thought as a higher goal than diversity of skin color.
  8. Consider conservatives in educational institutions and in the press as protected minorities who should not face discrimination.
  9. When liberal groups place a token conservative on their panels, they should not only include RINO anti-Trumps, but Trump-supporters and unadulterated conservatives as well.

A white American patriot named Patrick Henry (1736–1799), who sought to end the importation of slaves to Virginia, incidentally, and succeeded in 1778, famously said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."  How many anti-Trumps will defend to the death the right of Americans even to say they want to make America great again?  I respectfully submit that at the very least, without putting their lives on the line, all Americans should allow for pro-Trumps to serve on the mainstream media as much an anti-Trumps, as well as in academia, and should insist on it.  Only then can the minorities in terms of skin color and other meaningless considerations find out the truth and benefit from the diversity of ideas that leads to the pursuit of the truth.

Ron Rich considers himself a liberal with common sense.

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