Abolishing ICE Means Letting the Worst Criminals Imaginable Stay in the USA

The call to abolish ICE is repeated over and over again in American politics. This mantra is likely to be repeated with even greater frequency and intensity as the race for the Democrats’ presidential nomination heats up. But what does ICE actually do? A quick look at some of their actions from the past few weeks reveals the agency to be an unambiguous force for good. Date: June 21, 2019 Action: Over 17 Tons of Cocaine Seized from a Liberian Ship The street value of that much cocaine is north of one billion dollars. Though opioids have been getting almost all the attention whenever our country’s drug epidemic is discussed, thousands are killed by cocaine every year, too. The number is climbing as well.  The Washington Post notes that, “Overdose deaths from cocaine increased by about 18 percent each year during the five-year [2011-2016] period.” Date: June 21, 2019 Action: Tunisian with Ties to Terrorist Groups Deported The man...(Read Full Article)
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