Time for a Better Program to Protect from Active Shooter Scenarios

Over the last several years, we have seen blame spread across the board to fulfill a political narrative.  Many organizations have adopted a check-the-box training model, and I, for one, am confused and disappointed at how we continue to accept the loss of our family members yet make no effective changes for preparing individuals for an active shooter/threat incident.  We must stop letting insurance policies dictate our training standards when it comes to protecting ourselves and others. Understand that meeting minimum state training standards does not equal preparedness.  We all know that a mass shooting incident can occur, but tend to ignore what needs to be done.  This can be linked to the lack of developing an effective training model and why we place blame on systems that have no basis in stopping the incidents from taking place.  Specific gun regulations are definitely not going to solve our problem.  Incidents such...(Read Full Article)
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