They are Watching Us -- All the Time

During the Obama presidency, Americans discovered that his administration’s intelligence agencies were spying on us.  In fact, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress about it, for which he was never charged -- but then, he’s a Democrat, the laws don’t apply to them.  Eventually, he came clean, admitting that all Americans were being spied on, all the time, with spy agencies keeping a record of all phone conversations, texts, and emails made by every American.  This was merely a precaution in case they ever needed to prosecute any of those who disagreed with Barry. Yet, I believe that the tech industry not only does the same thing (spying) but does it better.  Of course, I have no evidence of this, and many people will say that I am being paranoid (I probably am a little paranoid -- at least that’s what people are saying).  And what I present here is merely anecdotal.  But we really should think about...(Read Full Article)
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