The Seven Self-Serving Stratagems of the Despotic Left

The United States, along with its allies, invaded continental Europe seventy-five years ago on June 6, 1944, thus ensuring the defeat of the worst tyranny in human history.  But is this magnificent nation capable of mustering the same effort and resources if Donald Trump is defeated and the current iteration of the Democratic Party ever assumes power in perpetuity?  Today America is in a state of confusion and uncertainty as a vast swath of the American electorate is deluged with inscrutable conversations by the body politic meant only to obfuscate and deceive.  Among these are the fictitious wonders of socialism, the necessity of an across-the-board transformation of a supposed flawed culture, and the invented character failings and policy shortcomings of a faux tyrant, Donald Trump. Lost amid all the storm and fury of accusations, fabrications, fealty to failed ideology and childish name-calling is the reality that the threat to this nation is not any failed...(Read Full Article)
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