The Real Lesson of Watergate Ignored in John Dean's Testimony and Media Commentary

With the return of John Dean to the witness’s chair in a congressional hearing room yesterday, false analogies between that incident and the current day Russia Hoax are everywhere in the mainstream media. But the one real lesson of that era is still valid today: Don’t trust the government’s Administrative State bureaucracy -- and in particular prosecutors, who are, too often, henchmen using their power and resources unethically, carelessly and ruthlessly.  Too often they do not deliver justice; they hunt and destroy and cheat when necessary.  (See here, here and here.) John Dean testifies in Watergate hearings (photo credit: Tullio Saba) Geoff Shepard, who was a Nixon Defense team member during Watergate events and who has spent 20 years researching original documents and memoranda as well as investigative materials and judicial transcripts on Watergate affairs and events, has found and documented prosecutorial and judicial abuses that tainted...(Read Full Article)
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