The Democrats’ Presidential Field and Communism

Everything that America stands for is being opposed by the resurgence of communism with its profound hatred of private property as the root of alienation and exploitation in society.  Inequality and the injustice that is believed to flow out of that inequality of ownership is, for the communist mentality, the starting point for a radical critique of American society, indeed of Western Civilization.  The left rejects belief in and gratitude for the fact that the U.S. rose out of the British rights framework which is inherently capitalistic. The liberty enshrined in our leading documents and law is closely justified by its support of private property as an inalienable right and by Christian values derived from a 2000 year old abiding faith in the God of the Bible and in Christ His Son.  Communism, by contrast, arose out of a Germanic cultural and dialectical mindset that was atheistic, so we are not surprised that communism should be so repulsive to our citizens.

In American politics we have many contenders for the Democrat Presidential nomination using deceptive rubrics such as Democratic Socialism, Green New Deal, Black Lives Matter (remember Stokely Carmichael in the sixties with the clenched fist “power to the people”?), progressivism, and even liberalism in a way wholly different from classical liberalism.   Bernie Sanders self-labels as a Democratic Socialist, but has participated in the Democratic caucus in the Senate, and is now a leading contender for the Democrat Party nomination for President.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez self-labels as a Socialist but was elected to Congress as a Democrat.  Just as these socialists are comfortable working in Washington DC as Democrats, we see that communists are comfortable with referring to themselves as socialists. An entire section of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) website is entitled “Bill of Rights [of] Socialism.” If socialists can be Democrats, and communists can be socialists, then we can entertain the possibility some or many of the Democrats and socialists are communists.

Further, has any reporter asked them, “Are you a communist? And if not, how do your views differ from those of communism?” They do not ask these questions because the questions themselves would be seen as a form of disparagement.

The fact that there are some differences among the Democratic candidates is not evidence in itself that they do not deserve to be stigmatized.  Historically, there were and are differences among different factions of communists.  The Mensheviks were violently opposed to the Bolsheviks.  Leon Trotsky had to flee the USSR because of his opposition to Joseph Stalin.  Here are some of the programs and policies listed by Rich Noyes that are being advocated by the Democratic Party primary candidates.  These positions extend the reach of the federal government and trample on the notion of right to one’s property, which trampling brings about a curtailment of individual liberty: 

[1] ‘free’ health care, [2] ‘free’ child care, [3] ‘free’ college, [4] massive forgiveness of student loans, [5] reparations for the descendants of slaves, [6]  doubling the federal minimum wage, [7] tearing down existing barriers on the U.S.-Mexican border,[8] refusing to appoint any pro-life judges,[9] increasing the Supreme Court to 15 members and [10] eliminating the Electoral College.” 

Additionally, lurking in the background are infanticide (none have condemned New York’s latest and extreme law allowing abortion up to the point of delivery), confiscation by the feds of all privately owned firearms, and giving voting rights for non-citizens living within the borders of the USA, plus lowering of the voting age to 16.

Of the above list of items, number 1-5 appear explicitly in the extensive, bulleted platform of the Socialist Party 2018-2019.  The Socialist Platform also would lower the voting age to 15.

Yet, behind the Democrats, the Socialists, and the Communists is the overarching goal of the federal takeover of the means of production as advocated by communist founders Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, not merely enacting a list of reforms.  As the Socialists explicitly state,

We call for social ownership and democratic control of productive resources [that is, ownership of the means of production]….  Although reforms will not in themselves bring about socialism, the fight for them will advance the cause by demonstrating the inherent limitations and injustice of the capitalist system.” 

Thus, the socialists admit upfront in their preamble that although they are calling for a myriad of “reforms,” their goal is not first and foremost to bring reform but to inculcate in the public a sense of the injustice of the capitalist system.

As we approach the Fourth of July, we must acknowledge not only that we overthrew the British enemy for the sake of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now it behooves us to overthrow the fifth column enemy within by the Democratic Party which seeks by verbal duplicity and nuance to pretend that it is not linked profoundly with socialist and communist aspirations, and that this linkage would pull us away from our sovereignty and the values of Western Civilization.

We reject communism as an ideology, theory, lifestyle...whatever anyone chooses to call it.  By what stretch of their ignoble imaginations have they come to describe America -- even though it be flawed -- as the land of exploitation rather than the land of opportunity when so many millions have voted with their lives to come here (black, white, and yellow, so-called) to improve their lot in life?  

This writer calls on all communists/socialists/Democrats to repent of their devastatingly negative thinking/ideology, to come to their senses, and to appreciate the on-the-ground positive contribution of capitalism, democracy, and republicanism which include ways to redress grievances, albeit not perfectly. What a pathetic and paltry ideology is communism!  They must give up their Sanders-like rhetoric of superiority as though they hold the moral high ground. All candidates must denounce socialism and communism, and be pressed to do so by the news media.   The stench of their atheistic and class/race/sex bilge floats from the smokestacks of their consciousness.  Let us instead breathe in the clean air of truth as we fight against collectivism in our fight to uphold a Second Declaration of Independence by repudiating the Democrat Party.

Graphic credit: Pixabay